Pics of my pink flamingos

toomuchglassMay 21, 2012

I've been painting & beading those tacky birds - now they're elegant! LOL

Here's my Zebra in progress ---

** And I also have a clownfish drying , and one in a black leather jacket ,tattoos ,scarf and chains . It's going to be labeled " Hardly Davidson" ...LOL

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Oh my word!!!!!!! TOOMUCH - those are absolutely mind boggling gorgeous. WHO w/have ever thought to do that to a pink flamingo. I am sooooooooo impressed I don't know what to say. My two favs - the zebra and the beads. Oh my goodness - they are just toooooooooo out of sight beautiful.

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Thank You ! I have about 18 more to go ......... LOL

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I too love them !!I have 2 I need to do something with.

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