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texaswildMay 13, 2008

I KNOW I've been AWOL, but this is the busiest time of the year, and I've been SUPER busy. Since the additions to my "Queendom" album is mostly garden pictures, I'm posting on this side. Along w/the cinder blocks, extended flower beds - two not shown - I've started a grotto/shrine in my back yard and also a 36" plaque of fish to go behind the new fountain. I also finished the base of my DD's birdbath, and need to mosaic the bowl. Other things keep getting in the way - like WEEDS!!!

Photos of latest projects

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Amazing, great stuff. You garden gate is my favorite color in the world.

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wow, you are really going to town on those gardens - putting me to shame! (I need about 40 hours of weeding right now) lol

The cinder blocks look great at the fountain - love the hearts! very beautiful

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When I came on tonight I was thinking about you and thinking I hadn't seen you for a while. And here you are with all your wonderful projects! OOOOOOHHHHH...AAAAAAAHHHHHH! How I love your gardens, and everything in them!

We've been so busy with strawberries, and building a public restroom (so far entirely MY project other than the plumbing!) I haven't done anything except walk past my strawberry birdbath a couple dozen times a day. MAYBE I'll get to grout it this week...

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I'm so glad to see your post! Wondered what you were doing. What a treat to see your wonderful garden! YOU are such an amazing inspiration! Love the blocks.. and the birdbath.. and and and... !
Quick question. I'm about to start with some broken dishes... do you tumble your pieces? I guess I'm trying to not... but don't want to make something that will be a hazard in the yard.
Again... loved looking at your pictures!

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Oh Lady! Grout that Strawberry...PLEASE!!!
SLOW! Good to see what you've been up to lately, it is a busy time of year isn't it??!! I Love the hearts too and the green on the niche. Is that a new fountain? I have so much to do to catch up with you as far the the yard is concerned..like NT says..40hrs would help!lol! I really like the idea of adding height to the garden like you have with your towers and pots! I just fixed my irrigation system and now it's raining cats and dogs today! Speaking of dogs, that's a cutie peeking out from near the gate in one of your pics!

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Wow Slow! You've been a busy Queen! I like the new fountain and how you have all the pedistals around it!
Things really have filled in since March. Everything looks wonderful.
Oh, Shea's bird bath is stunning! I love the green inside.
You did a great job on the flowers..and the whole design!

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Everything looks beautiful. You weeding has paid off the beds are really nice!!

Shea's birdbath is amazing I love the shape of it!!

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So nice to hear from you! Missed ya! Your gardens are so beautiful and I love your fountain and the birdbath is soooo cool and and and...it's ALL just so wonderful! You have been a busy girl! Thanks for sharing!!

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Thanks, y'all. Really enjoy being outside when I tear myself away from mosaicing. It's always an argument w/myself when I begin the day - inside stuff or outside. It's raining today, so don't have to argue - it's INSIDE MOSAICS. FIDDLE - no tumbling here, and once grouted, things are pretty smooth. RONNIE - when I think of you, I think BUSY this time of year. Anxious to see your BB grouted and in place. CALAM - yes - new fountain - got tired of worrying w/the old one - flow wasn't constant. Weeding is NEVER done all at the same time. Seems somebody keeps increasing the maintenance for the head gardner here. For me, buying plants is almost as much an addiction as mosaicing. Thanks for looking.

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Your garden is GORGEOUS!! I agree with Jane... my garden needs some vertical art, too. That could be an inside project for when it gets too cold... like you working on the grotto cuz it's raining.
You're garden is looking so tidy and now all I can think of is what a mess mine looks like! I tend to let everything get overgrown and leggy. I'm TERRIBLE at cutting back. Not ruthless enough though I know it's so much better for the shrubs when you give them a trim. And it's so nice to see real grass. We just have a collection of weeds we mow and call grass. HA!
Your garden is very inviting and the artwork adds so much interest.
Love the grotto. Do you know what's going inside and is that a surprise for us? Do you have a special place picked out in the garden for it? And who is that adorable puppy peeking through the slats? So many questions... so little time.
And I 'tawk' too much!! HAHA

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It's so fun to have a catch-up of what you're doing. You do such beautiful work and are such an inspiration. The birdbath is unique and beautiful, and it makes me think in new ways. Thank you for the new pics and update note!

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I'm going to shamelessly copy some of your designs. I need those wonderful stepping stones for starters! PJ

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O.K. it's your fault!!!!Turned my bath water on and came in here for a minute ,pulled up your new pic's and completely forgot about the bathwater!!!Duh!!!Got totally lost in the beauty of your place.Water ran over had to mop the floor...oh well never hurts to mop the floor again!LOL!!!Love sheas bb,it is wonderful,why oh why can't I do things like that,it is beautiful sure wish it was going to my yard.Did you paint the inside green?Love it Slow!

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Crack, I think we're related. I hate it when I do that.PJ

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How did I miss this Slow?? I was wondering where you were . I see you have been very very busy...

Everything is fitting for a Queen!! The gardens are so fabulous, the new birdbath is so wonderful, with all kinds of eye candy to look at. I love it!!

The grotto is fantastic and your little puppy is so adorable. You sure know how to do bring an artistic flare to your home and gardens.

Keep showing us all of those projects and giving me inspiration!!

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I commented on your mishap, CRACK, on the discussion side - so sorry - but thanks for the compliment. Y'all - I haven't taken pictures of the grotto WIP - what y'all are calling the grotto is my new fountain. Y'all sure make me feel good. Thank y'all - each one - for your wonderful encouragement and compliments. PJ - REAL compliment when someone wants to copy my designs. Copy away - love that.

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What a beautiful garden you have, I want to walk right into the pictures as I sit here.
I love that rose growing through the white fence, do you know what kind it is? Not that it would make a difference, I'm sure it wouldn't look like that for me, LOL!

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It changes daily, PANTHER: Day Lilies are in bloom now everywhere, w/lots more to come. Even the newly-planted Canas are in buds and are ready to pop any day. I even have a new little rose bush I took off one of the bush roses - forgot it's name - Fairy, I think - it was just a twig and had a few roots, so I stuck it in the ground, sorta neglected watering it daily, and lo - today it has leafed out. Along w/it being an antique rose, and very strong, lots of rain lately helped it, I'm sure. The rose on the back fence is Red Cascade. Most of my roses came from Antique Rose Emporium - mail order - in Brenham, TX. They ship from October/April.

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Was wondering what you had been up to lady. As always though your creative mind is an amazing place to visit! I especially love, love ,love this guy.

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Well, how nice to see your comment, HRSG. Thank you. Gotta work outside today. Working outside so much lately that I'm in a mosaicing slump, so gotta stay w/it. So much has been neglected cuz of the mosaicing fever.

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