Texas rosebush

silvamaeMay 1, 2008

Thought I would post a photo of our lovely rosebush that I took last week, two days before our hailstorm. Now, there is only one tiny bloom. But last week, it was in its glory.


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BEAUTIFUL, SILVAMAE: What's the name of this rose? I notice it's between two trees - must be one that tolerates shade. When most of my front roses were at their peak, we had a hard rain too, and there went most of the blooms. The ZD is still budding, as well as the Pinkie Climber, but Old Blush is almost finished until the second round. I bought all multiple bloomers. Won't have one that just blooms once a season. It's time to clip and feed them again **sigh** - never ends, but it's well worth it, I suppose. I got my bed almost bordered, and laid out another two - by the time I finish w/beds in my front yard, there'll be just a little path of grass. Cut down on mowing to about 15 min., but it'll take hrs. to trim/edge, and days to weed. WHAT AM I THINKING? I HAVE to stop buying plants.

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Lovely! I really like the old fashioned climbers/ramblers like pinkie and old blush.
"but it'll take hrs. to trim/edge, and days to weed. WHAT AM I THINKING? I HAVE to stop buying plants."
Guess what newbie TX gardener here did? NO edging between the plants and the grass. You can get away with that in a desert BTW. I feel like such a dope head. I'm in full sun so the grass regularly eats the entire bed.What did I expect in the GRASSland prairies?
It's so pathetic.
So now I've collected up edging,brick and rocks by the ton.That I get to take with me to the new house IN JULY!!!
There I'll be baking in the heat,ODing on Gatorade,putting in beds as fast as I can before all my transplants(15 trees,a gazzilion perenials, roses and vines...) before they all die in a pot in the heat.I'm already feeling sorry for myself and I haven't even really started. PJ

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Slowmedown, I can't remember the name of the rose. I planted two; one died and the other one thrived. I got them at Barton Springs Nursery in Austin. pjtexgirl, where are you moving to? I must have missed the post. Wow, transplanting in July; your only hope is water, water, water, lots of watering. Best of luck in the new house!

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I'm moving 20 miles south of Benbrook TX to Burleson TX.
I moved to TX in a drought year in July 05. I couldn't believe how dry it was. My water bill was insane! In 2007 it rained so much I thought I'd moved to Seattle and forgot. We had 52 inches of rain. My water bill was nothing to speak of. The locals informed me that unusual weather was the usual.
I think we're going for windy this year. Tx weather keeps me on my toes! PJ

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Yep, they say if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes. I just got my garden going really well and then we had that crazy hail storm last week. It beat off all the roses and petunias and totally destroyed the lettuce, beans, and squash. The tomatoes somewhat survived but they look very straggly. Too late to replant cause it's already too hot. Hope you enjoy your new home. I like that area; aren't you close to Ft. Worth? I lived in Hurst for 15 years.

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Wow, what a beautiful rose. Your countryside looks JUST like where I live in Northern California! How fun!

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Oh how I love Northern California. It is heavenly.

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I love Northern Ca too. I miss it. PJ

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Lovely rose! And bench! AND Fence!!! I'm especially drooling over that fench right now as I have a very bad deer problem! And they absolutely love roses!! When we first moved here, I spent tons of time bringing back what I thought was poor neglected rose bushes, well I've since learned after nurturing them and getting some nice leaves and flowers just start happening that they aren't rose bushes...they are deer fodder!!!! Grrr... I have 20 shrubs and a ton of plants to replant down in my back 1/4acre, but there is no fencing down there...yet...and the dogs like to chase the deer(how I broke my leg) and so I keep watering these poor potted plants till I haggle/charm a fence from DH!!! I did see what my roses looked like one year! hmmm....1/2 acre, 8ft fence...electric fence...with infared laser beams...sensor tazors...a moat...

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Yes, Calamity, I hear you! We have a 5-acre lot but only a tiny little back yard fenced. So the deer rule almost all the property and we have this small back yard haven where they can't come in.

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Beautiful rosebush and the scenery reminds me of home. I loved Barton Springs used to go there a lot when I was in school at UT.
One year we planted our mailbox with pansys, the next morning every single one of those were eaten by the deer!! Our nursery forgot to tell us we had just bought "deer candy" Lol

I LOVE your bench!! That is beautiful and fits perfectly in with the rose bush and setting!!

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