Tears...and relief

curbdiver1954May 7, 2008

Very sad yesterday and today....had to make "the" decision for our 17 year old cat, Beauregard de Katt, over the week-end. Had him since he was a 5 week old abandoned kitten covered with fleas. We are at peace with the final decision as he was nearly blind, kept losing weight despite a healthy appetite and had recently become incontinent; still, it was so-o-o-o hard to make that last trip to the vet, knowing we would come home without him. For many years his "post" had been a barstool in the kitchen where he would perch and watch all the comings and goings, food prep, etc. and occassionally throw in his own comment. He was really attached to DH and spent nearly every evening laying on DH's chest, reaching up to repeatedly pat Gary's beard when it was time to pet the kitty. The dogs and our other cats seem a bit lost without him, too, even though in recent weeks several of them had frequent, very loud "disagreements" with him.

Sigh....pets are such a wonderous blessing, teaching us so many things... I know time will heal the hole in our hearts and lives, but right now it seems almost impossible for things to ever be "right" again.


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(((Pat))) I am so sorry. This is never easy.

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I'm so sorry about your kitty. You have given him such a wonderful life. Many stray kittens aren't so lucky. PJ

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I am so sorry. It will take time to lessen the hurt. Your kitty was certainly a lucky one, to have been rescued by you guys. You gave him a great quality of life.

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Oh Pat! I know you will have a hole in your heart for a while. 17 years is a long time to have such a special kitty.
He was blessed to have you as his family. Think about all those special moments with him and give your other fur babies extra love. They'll miss him too.

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wow that is a very long time... BIG HUGS to you. Its so hard

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oh, I'm so sorry..it's a hard thing when you have to make that decision

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So sorry. I went through the same thing last year with my 18 yr. cat. I know the feeling of things not being the same. All I can say is it does take time, but it will get better.

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Oh, Pat, I'm so sorry about your Beau kitty....it's never easy to go through. I had my Josie cat for over 20(!) years and she's been gone about 7 years now and I just saw a cat at the no-kill shelter that had her face and it made me smile! I'm sure you have lots and lots of happy memories to make you smile through the tears....((((hugs))))

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We lost our kitty of 16 years earlier this year (Rikki). Now we have an adopted kitty (Tooti - long story) and I call her by our old kitty's name All the Time . . . it is just automatic. This new one is a handful and keeps me occupied and distracted from my grief but once in awhile my tears well up . . . . . . .

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OH! (((Pat)))!! I am so sorry!! As you know we just had to do the same 3 weeks ago with our Ryan. Take comfort in knowing he no longer suffers.

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Know how you feel,had my old cat Charlie 20 yrs,my kid's all told him their teenage problems sitting out on a canal bank.Still think of him and he's been gone over 10 yrs..now we have our little rescue Kitty from the behind the olive garden and love her dearly.Bless you ,sometimes we have to help life go along for them.

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Just looked at this side. Curb... know how hard it was... Sending positive thoughts your way.

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So many people have lost pets in recent months by one means or another, always a sadness. Our Boss (2 year old Border Collie/Great Pyrenees) just disappeared and never has turned up again. He was born on the farm. Still, must be even SO MUCH HARDER to lose (or have to make the choice)one you've had so very long. Hugs to you, Pat!

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Oh, Pat. So sorry to read this. Understand a little bit cuz when Toby slipped a disc, the dr. didn't give me much hope of his recovery. He's doing well, but I know it could happen again, and he may not make it next time. Bless you. Hope to be able to give you a REAL hug at the mosaic party on the 24th.

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Pat, I'm sorry to hear too that you've lost your beloved pet. I'm glad you're at peace with your decision and can enjoy the reflections of all those wonderful years together. I'm thinking of you.

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I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I so feel for you. I know what it's like to have to make that decision because i have been there.Try to remember the good times and remember that you did what was best, you didn't want your kitty to suffer when there was no chance for him to make a recover. He had a very happy life.

Not now, but when you feel up to it make some mosaic or plant memorial to remind you of how much the he meant to you . It has taken me 8 years to start my pet memorials so..

Take care and we are all thinking of you and hoping you remember the words to the "rainbow bridge ". There are a couple sites but here is one

Here is a link that might be useful: raiinbow bridge

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