Jeannie's Statue

texaswildMay 30, 2012

My best friend Jeannie is planning to make a shrine on her patio to house the statue. I've never painted w/acrylics b/f, except for the statue CALAM gave me, so did a terrible job on trying to shade/shadow parts of the statue. I used to paint in oils, but I didn't realize until I'd nearly finished that there is a blending medium for acrylics. Was too late and I was already sick of this piece. Regardless - she and DH Bill loved it. Reason I painted it was 1- she tosses my way plants from her garden when she thins, and 2 - she would never have had time - she works in a nursery, then goes home and gardens until dark EVERY evening, and all day on her day off - totally addicted. She's trying to find a stopping place so she can build her little village and the shrine. She's made two huge garden planters and two cone-shaped ones w/the Riana technique. She's a speed demon.

Jeannie's Statue

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You have her skin tone so good! What color did you use? Is it your own blend??? I wanna redo my Faerey, cuz she looks too sickly!!!lol! AND I am having a terrible time with TOBY!!! I have to look into this blending medium!!!!! Plus all my recued garden Gnomes...they all have a different skin's kinda pathetic....okay, that's like saying: a little bit pregnant!lol!

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It was Jeannie's patio paint and I don't remember the name of it but it was ??? rose. Perfect flesh color. I haven't tried it, but I'm wondering if Gel Medium w/work. I didn't do much shading on Lady of G, and don't expect I'll be painting anything soon, so haven't gone to look for medium for acrylic.

Please respond to Dick's question on how to back light stained glass. I referred him to "the other side", and tried to explain how to get there, but still haven't seen him post.

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