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scorelinequeenApril 30, 2012

Hello fellow artists. Brand new to the site tonight. I have enjoyed reading your posts tonight, and thought I would take the time to introduce myself. I am looking forward to meeting you all.

I found the beautiful world of stained glass after my health issues robbed me of being able to do ceramics. Creating has always been a passion of mine. Started drawing at the age of 5. I was lucky enough to attend the Rhode Island School of Design on Saturdays, as a teen. Worked in many media�s, including woodworking, leather, painting, charcoals, ceramic, various crafts, jewelry, glass engraving (which I still do occasionally, when MS allows my hand to) and now stained glass/mosaic. At the age of 66 and the size of my glass inventory, I think this will be my last venture, LOL.

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Welcome to the great bunch here not to many read this side.

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Welcome- please join us on the other side, and show us some of your past works. We love pictures.

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Hello-yes, pictures please! We love to see others works!

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Welcome, Scorelinequeen! I don't come to the conversation side too often so just now saw your post. Welcome to a mosaic/stained glass board with the nicest and most helpful people out there. Your interests are similar to mine; I have dabbled in most everything but mosaics has been my No. 1 love for the last dozen years. Yes, we loove pics. Show us some pics ... we also love WIP (work in progress) posts. Talk again soon.

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