Have I lost my nerve???

Calamity_JApril 13, 2008

I saw a mauve toilet headed for the dump today and instead of following it in and rescuing it, I just kept driving by...Bad Jane!!! Mauve!!! A Whole toilet!!! sheesh! I am a collectoer and HAVE to start using the stuff I have!!! Must tell myself that, cuz I'm Really beating myself up about that poor innocent toilet, that will lay in the landfill...lonely...lost...noncompostable...

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AND, you could have put a few pieces of purple tesserae on it and had a wonderful flower pot in your garden! WHAZAMATTER W/YOU GIRL???

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Heck, that would do wouldn't it? I was thinkin' of smashing it with a sledge hammer and stashing the pcs away from dissaproving eyes!!!lol!

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Betcha could go back after it...do you really think it's already gone?? Yeah, right, like SOMEONE ELSE was just LOOKIN' for a MAUVE TOILET! LOL

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Unfortunately, we have a strict dumping process, if it is on the regional property, it is now theirs and no picking stuff up and taking it away!! It makes me so mad but in a way I see the point as there are some bad troublemakers in this nek of the woods and it is sooo busy there, they had to make people drop and go. When I was a kid, my Dad took me all the time, he even built a whole dune buggy from parts in the dump!! ahhh, the good ol'days!

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Jane, how could you!! and isn't DH out of town, too? (or hasn't he left yet?)

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time for the Ninja suit...(cue Mission Impossible music)

Alas, my DH has set one limit on me: No toilets. (Party-pooper)

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