What kind of table would you put in front of this sectional? (pic

dorry2July 12, 2012

The sectional is finally in and now I need to replace the cocktail table. This table was one of the first pieces of furniture my husband and I purchased back in the 80's. It has seen better days and I am thinking about have it refinished, but it certainly doesn't work in this room with the sectional.

What would you suggest? I like the big rectangular fabric ottomans, but not crazy about having to use trays for food, drinks, etc.

I like the idea of a round table, but it cannot jut out beyond the one-arm, arm chair of the sectional.

Your thoughts?

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A large round table would look nice. Bigger than the one you have now.

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Round or oval, much heavier in appearance, and taller.

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Yes, definitely! Do you think I can find a round table without it jutting past the smaller end of the sectional, which is the left side if looking at the pic. Thanks!

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Why can't it jut out a bit? I don't understand the limitation.

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If it juts our just a bit, that is fine. I guess I am trying to achieve a more balanced look. I knew this would be a challenge with these sectional pieces. I could not go with a loveseat sofa on the left(like I did on the right side) due to space limitations with the entertainment center. If i had, I could be more flexible with the cocktail table.

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