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meadelApril 30, 2008

I swear I just posted it, but It disappeared ( ? did it?)

( A Tale of Two Futures)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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apparently it ate my brain too! LOL I was on the wrong side.
Going to bed now...
Nighty night
( imagine birds flying around my head)

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I still can't believe how amazing that mosaic is. PJ

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I had to come back here to see this again! LOL show's you what state of mind I was in!
This month has been so crazy, with my Dad's 88th bday and my son's 15th bday. My DD got married, is pregnant . ( she miscarried at Christmas) is considered high risk. There is a few other things and now my Dad is back in the hospital.
I am struggling with the thoughts that even through all of this. What I really want to do now is mosaic. I want to be able to express myself and please myself. I am tired of being all to others. I want something for ME!
( I want to be selfish. I gave up a good chunk of my life ,albeit willingly to raise my 2 dd as a single mom. I raised my dss and now my ds I feel I deserve this time but still have moments of quilt over it. Is menopause is making me unstable, or is it sable?? Does anyone else feel this way?
I must sound like a babbling fool but I feel better just getting it all out.
Thanks for listening : )

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We are related! The "sandwich generation" has it tough. I have a PITA 82 yr old dad that would take me all day to tell you how onery he is. He's always been onery and age hasn't helped. He controls his diabetes and heart problems with bacon,cheese,butter and candy. He's had 2 heart attacks in 2 yrs. His hips are giving out under a tremendous amount of extra weight.
I home school my two boys ages 14 and 8. Roe is mildly autistic and Killian is ADHD just like mom :)
My DH gets out of school in June.
My DS goes to CA to be with bio dad for 4 months on the 25th.
I'm moving in TX in JULY or AUGUST!

I garden and other projects just to keep from going nutos!!

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