Now I have a plan...but where do I put the marble?

lavender_lassMarch 22, 2012

Thanks to Summerfield...I have a final plan! :)

Now, where should I put the marble? Should I put it on the island? Part of the island? In the baking area? Part of the baking area?

The perimeter countertops, in the main kitchen, are going to be ceramic tile...witht the tile (bunny) backsplash. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions? Thanks in advance :)

From [Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures](
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Is the marble going to be used to roll out pastry? If so, I'd put it near the baking center. If not, I think marble always looks nice on an island.

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I know this is going to come off as a crazy (and possibly rude) question, but . . . is there going to be a man living in this house? I haven't followed the evolution closely, but I know you have been working on it for quite some time, and have lots of cottage-y, girly inspirations. You've come up with a very individualized sort of dollhouse that incorporates your various desires. But, if there is a man of the house, is he on-board with all this? With so much devoted to the pantry area and various sunrooms and porches, etc.?

You may have a man cave in the basement, or an office/retreat for the Mr. on the upper floor. Or on a farm property, he may have a workshop where he spends all his time, anyway. But I was just thinking that my DH would probably feel uncomfortable in that space. There would be no place for his little projects, piles of things, etc. Will he at least be able to put his feet up on that coffee table in the living room?

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Jakabedy- That's not rude, at all. It's a good question. Let's see...the hot tub/porch is for him, along with the downstairs rec room, the brick fireplace in the living room, the sectional, the big TV, the larger range (maybe with grill) larger vent/hood for deep fryer, the TV/armoire in the bedroom, keeping the original layout as close as possible, the mudroom storage for tools and his coats (little bench is for my stuff) the back patio (not shown) with BBQ, dining area, etc.

It might look like a dollhouse, but the living room is the same size it is now...18' x 14' and the dining area/kitchen/porch are the same...just a bit rearranged. The bedroom is actually a bit bigger, since I'm moving the wall over a bit, towards the bathroom.

A lot of my pictures probably seem girlie, but in actuality, the bunny tiles are probably the 'girliest' thing in the plan! LOL I'm not painting the brick, or the beams (if we use them). The back porch will probably be wicker and the greenhouse is for actually starting garden plants and maybe even growing a few tomatoes/herbs, in the I'd say those spaces are probably more 'mine'.

Now, back to the marble...I would love marble, but placement is a lot of my concern, since I want my husband to cook/fry/grill and have fun in the kitchen, too. So...marble on the island would be great (with a big cutting board for extra prep) but the baking area might make more sense. However, if that area is also his BBQ set-up area...I don't see BBQ sauce and marble necessarily being great friends.

So...marble might not even make it into the kitchen...or I might just put a small area, by the fridge end of the baking area. That's why I'm asking for input/advice, but I can see why it probably sounds a little vague, without more details.

Marti- I'd like to have a baking area in one place or the other. Honestly, the island will probably be used more for prep and big projects so maybe part of the baking area, would be best for marble.

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So, after thinking about it and from comments here and on the kitchen forum....I'm thinking that ceramic tile on the perimeter (main kitchen) and wood on the island will work best. For the baking area, I'm going to continue the backsplash (bunny tile) and use marble under the window, with wood on both sides. The area between the freezer and pantry will be ceramic tile (like kitchen) with same backsplash, above.

What do you think? Any other ideas/suggestions? Thanks again for the really helps :)

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LL the baking area sounds the place for the marble. Is there a landing in the mud room for the BBQ fixings? What is that beside washer and dryer? looks like a counter. More handy to the back door. And when I BBQ I take the stuff outside with me on a tray and it stays out there with me until I am done and drag it all back in. Maybe a nice metal kind of basket. I am picturing an old mike bottle caddy to hold the BBQ sauce and put some thing else in the slot like large cup only larger to hold BBQ tools and some thing to hold a wipe rag.

Do not remember what post you had the triple sink shown and some one commented on it. I think I see the sink here. I had one of those sinks and TOTALLY HATED HATED HATED it. Too small on either sink side and that center section is useless. Both ladies after me have also hated it.

I am also not a fan of a GD. Always thought it was bad for your septic. I toss all garden scraps out in the yard,garden area. Some gets to stay the animals haul some off. Does not matter. Whatever stays is good for the soil.

Liking the newest plan.

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Sounds good, I think. Is your baking area in the pantry or the main kitchen?

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I think that's a good plan. dh can put his BBQ sauce on the wood part!

you'll have some tile and some wood in both places and throwing in some marble where needed for baking!

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I took out a garbage disposal. I also put my trimmings into the composting pile, and it sure makes a difference. I make sure I keep grease out of the sink too.

Now a question, LL:
Is THIS the "final plan?" Really? hehehehehe

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Thank you all for the responses!

Let's see, we have a septic system, so no garbage disposal. Composting works better, especially with the gardens!

After resigning myself to wood (can you tell I'm not in love with it?) I finally found my old picture. I lost it, when my Photobucket account messed up, but it's my favorite marble work table :) From Fairy tale cottage

When I showed this to my mom last night...she said I probably like the marble more on the work table, since it looks more rustic and the patina won't look out of place. On a furniture type island, the marble would look 'out of place' with stains/etching, etc. I think she's right...but aren't moms almost always right? LOL

So, here's my new idea for the island...replace it with a wrought iron/marble work table! So, now I have to figure out, what to use in the baking area...stainless steel, wood, granite, formica, something else? Any ideas?

ML- I think this is my 'final plan' but I'm sure there will be a little "tweaking" going on, as Jay calls it :)

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I'm still thinking about the blue (at least for the base cabinets) in the pantry/baking area. I like the black formica...but I'm wondering if something else would be better, by the oven. Maybe Absolute black granite or stainless steel? Or just use potholders, with the formica? From Fairy tale cottage

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That marble table in your pic is really beautiful! Also, love the black with the blue cabs in the pic right above. If it was me, I'd go with formica and use a potholder... that's what I have now in a speckled black and it looks and performs great. Can't see the seams with the dark, either.

Is it me or is your house huge? I've never been very good at interpreting those plans....

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Deedles- Hi! I'm glad you like it. I'm leaning towards the formica, too. It is nice that you don't see the seams, with the dark colors!

It looks huge, doesn't it? LOL It's actually not that big...just lots of porches and patio areas :)

We did want a bigger pantry/mudroom area, since we live on a farm, have horses...and always seem to need more storage. Are you going to be very far from stores, etc. at the new house? If so (and you have bad winter weather) think about having a big pantry and lots of storage, just in case you get snowed in!

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ML- Just for you...I think this is the final plan :)

From [Fairy tale cottage](

Summerfield made a few small changes and we all love it! Now, I'm off to start looking for 'little treasures' for the house! I need to find a marble work table, a cool pedestal sink, a plate rack, a claw foot tub, maybe a marble vanity...and I know what stuff to keep, in the farmhouse and what won't fit, in the new layout.

So, now the work begins...but it's so nice to have a plan!

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As I'm thinking about the pantry/baking...I want to do something different, under the window (to the greenhouse) so I'm considering black laminate on the main countertops (baking area and by the freezer) and then having a built-in cutting board, under the window. What do you think?

And...what should I use in the mudroom? I need something durable, that's easy to clean and stands up to tools and other stuff being 'tossed' on it. Not from a distance, but you know what I mean...and wire, insulators, bridles, etc. might be put there, too, especially across from the bench area. Any ideas?

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I might consider using that rubber kind of flooring they put on garage floors for the mudroom counters. I do not think you can hurt that stuff and I believe it comes in colors. They have it on the court house steps here. It is not bad looking for being so durable.

Here is a link that might be useful: Just an idea I am sure there are smoother ones out there.

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Shades- Sorry, I forgot to answer your question, about the triple sink. It's actually going to be a double sink (hopefully vintage and a bit oversized) like the Laura Calder kitchen. I think Summerfield used this one, to give it the right proportion, for the windows.

Rubber is an interesting idea...and thank you for the link. I'm going to be looking for extra durable finishes, so I'll keep that in mind!

How are you doing? I hope you're feeling better. We've had lovely weather this weekend (compared to what we had before) and I was actually able to go out and get the leaves out of some of the garden spaces...and weed along the front, where the soil was dry enough. Lots of fun to get out and do SOMETHING in the garden! :)

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Okay, I give up on the laundry angle! (LOL) I can't see us walking through the hall, dining/kitchen and pantry, to get to the laundry area and the sunporch. It just seems to 'winding' a path.

So, we did make a few changes (I can hear ML laughing from here LOL) which include the idea that a back hall would solve so many problems, with the plan. However, the only way we can get this to work (and still have two downstairs toilets) is to move the master bath. Although this is not my first choice, if we keep it the size of the porch (or smaller) it should be possible, without tearing up the lilacs or getting too close to the well.

And, when we moved the bathroom, the hot tub had to go somewhere, which moved the sunporch to 'in front' of the greenhouse. However, this is probably a very good idea, since it's much more accessible from the kitchen.

What do you think? Not as pretty as Summerfield's plans, but my cut and tape version will hopefully be readable. Thanks for looking...and the 3/4 bath is just in case we can't add a bath upstairs.

Oh, and my husband is not so comfortable with the marble island, but would like wood. He likes the idea of marble for baking, but not sure about it for the seating area. So, I found this picture (which I love) and will move the marble to the area, between the fridge and oven/micowave...and maybe a little on the sunporch and the master bath sink :)

Finally, the fridge and oven/microwave will be swapped, thanks to suggestions from the kitchen forum! Bmore pointed out that the fridge would be much easier to clean, if it weren't so close to the french door.

From Fairy tale cottage

Island, but this side would face the sink with seating on the other side. Finally, a place for the big pots and mixing bowls! From Fairy tale cottage

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Welllll, now I think the pantry is too hard to access. If you needed something while right in the middle of mixing up something, you'd have to go through two doors and around a corner to get it. Not so bad if that is not the main pantry for most of your food.

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Marti- Hi! That's the big pantry! We have to buy a lot at a time (especially in the winter) because you never know if the road will be closed, due to snow. Yes, there's A (one) road into town. LOL

Now, I'm debating about moving the freezer. I might put it in the mudroom and move the broom closet, out by the desk. I know it's a bit further away, but normally we grab anything out of the pantry or freezer, when we first start a meal. They're in a separate space now and it seems to work just fine.

So...what do you think about the porch? I'm so excited to have it, off the kitchen! Very 'Laura Calder' but I do love her kitchen. She has that lovely patio, off her kitchen, but with our winters, I thought a sunporch would be better. I attached a link, showing her chocolate crepes...yum!

I walked all around the farmhouse yesterday and checked out the sun, views, access, etc. It's the first time I could get to the back, since last fall. Snow/mud has been around, up until now! It's finally starting to feel like spring...and I have little daffodils and hyacinths poking up in the garden :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Laura Calder's chocolate show

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I do like the porch off the kitchen. It will be really convenient to eat out there, and if you are like me, breakfast with the birds.

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Marti- would be fun to 'breakfast with the birds' but we're getting snow, this morning. It's pretty, but there must be 2-3 inches outside. Now, you see why I need a sunporch! LOL

I've always pictured the sunporch as more white wicker, plants and maybe light blue walls...but the conservatory seems like it should be darker. Maybe greens, brick,'s a picture I found the other day. I love those windows/french doors. Very nice! From Fairy tale cottage

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I love that conservatory. Saved the pic, thanks!

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I was going to say 'Happy Spring,' but now you're getting snow! My daffodils are almost gone except for the late ones 'Salome,' a peach/white variety.

That conservatory is beautiful.

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Lass, I forget which state you live in. 2 - 3 inches of snow! oh gosh. Well, the weatherman on tv says we could expect some of the white stuff perhaps this weekend or beginning of next week. In Ohio tho you just never know what the weather will really be.

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I can't imagine having snow right now. I hate to admit this, but I turned on the a/c a couple of weeks ago. I just couldn't take the humidity when it got over 75 in the house.

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Hi everyone! We're in eastern Washington (about five miles from Idaho) and it's always a little colder here, since we're closer to the mountains.

A few pictures from yesterday, taken through the window. Too messy to go outside!

The snow falling diagonally, with the wind...

From Fairy tale cottage

And one of the garden...with the horses in the background. I think they were heading for the barn :)

From Fairy tale cottage

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OH burrrr. We have bright sun on one side of the house and BLACK clouds on the Washington side. LOL you keep your storm up there now you hear???

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Shades- It's supposed to be sunny and warm this weekend and in the 60s next week! :)

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I agree - Brrr! But it sure is pretty. I wish we lived somewhere that got at least one pretty snow a year, and summers that aren't so miserably hot.

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It has snowed on and off all day. not enough to lay on the ground. More like corn snow. We are in the sun again with black clouds all around the mountains.

Oh right now the web cam is showing an angry storm here in the valley.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I love that web cam. What is corn snow.

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I can't even concentrate on your layout after looking at all your BEAUTIFUL inspiration pictures. I love the marble work table and the blue cabinets with the formica.

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Marti- Snow is pretty, especially around Christmas...but I'm ready for spring! LOL

EAT- Thank you! I'm glad you like the pictures and I really want to use the blue cabinets/black formica somewhere...probably in the laundry/utility area.

So...of course, I have a change...but it's because I couldn't find my measurements and there was too much snow and mud to check, before now. Somehow, I was completely off, on the well location. I was sure it was further from the farmhouse, leaving enough room for a carefully constructed porch or even master bath. Then, I went to look the other day...and the well is much closer than I remembered! And, there are water pipes (obviously) from the well to the better to NOT be digging around that right, back corner.

With that in mind...we discussed the plan and also talked about whether we want a bigger master suite...and if we need to have some of the business 'stuff' at the house. It's great to have the main business where we are now (next door) but we should have some phones, computers, access at the farmhouse.

So...this is what I've come up with...forgive the messy appearance, but it's a few of Summerfield's plans (which are very nice) and my cut, tape (and after running out of tape) glue stick (LOL) attempt at a new floor plan. Let me know what you think. I know it's a bit bigger, but I LOVE the laundry/utility room and the screened deck is for the hot tub...accessed from the master bedroom and the mudroom. The greenhouse has moved (not shown) to the front of the detached garage, off to the left. The garage will also block the wind (and provide some privacy, from our only neighbor) when using the hot tub.

The greenhouse/conservatory picture I posted above (with the green trim) is wonderful and I want to do something similar on the front of the garage...facing southeast. Then, we can have the garden, outside those french doors, which would be overlooked by the sunporch (off the kitchen) too.

Oh, and the woodstove in the bedroom, will be great if the power goes out and will keep the pipes warmer in the bathrooms and the utility room! You have to make allowances for these long winters...and all the snow :) From Fairy tale cottage

This is what we're picturing, for the bedroom, but without the loveseat. From Fairy tale cottage

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Pretty master picture.

LOL LOOK at the dog eyeballing the cookies on the tray.

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LL Can you please put back the other plans you keep removing? I feel I want to go back to look to be able to comment and all the older plans are gone.I know all this discussion can help others as you work through this process too. But not if the plans are gone.

I know you have changed your mind many times but totally removing the plans makes it really hard to compare one from another. To give suggestions.If you are out of band width use the free Flicker account or some thing so you do not have to keep showing us black boxes.

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Shades- I know! Sorry...I need to put the plans in a separate folder. Every time I try to move things around, they get I should quit doing that, right?

I'm going to start a new folder I can leave all the old house plans, even if I'm not doing them, anymore.

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