Had rotten luck with Craigs and Online shop

mermaidmosaicsApril 26, 2008

I'm bummed. I saw an add on Craig's list for stained glass and checked out today. I ended up spending $31 and really think I got ripped off. Gal is moving and I thought I could come home with a lot of beautiful glass. I should have figured out when i had to ask the price of a sheet i fell in love with but was marked 25.. well those were her prices. Now I am a newbie but looked at Delphi when I got home and I swear I payed more for some of my "sale" glass than it would be on Delphi... So.. i am bummed.

Then yesterday had a bad experience with Wholesalers USA. They are coming through for me and I have to say I ordered on Tuesday and got it on Thursday, it was beautifully packed. So kudos for that, but I didn't get one of my items. and instead of saying, well buyer is always right, they more or less said I was lying... But.. in the end , they are sending me another one.. still left a bad taste.. I had to tell them I was a member of this group to let them know I would be sharing my experiences. sorry i had to revert to that. And I noticed in the nicely worded email I got to say they were shipping it, "reshipment" of turtle.... so that more or less says it all.

so.. i had a bad weekend and it is only Saturday night. Maybe I'm just being snippy. And who knows maybe some of those 4x4 sheets of glass were worth $4-5...

Oh well.. Live and learn

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Awwww - so sorry for your experiences - seems they come in clumps all at one time, huh?

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Awe Mermaid, I'm sorry that happened. Beware glass sellers on craigs list unless you know your stuff before hand.

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NT, Yep, it was my fault. I just ASSUMED other people were like me.. Ha ha.. You would THINK I would have learned not to ASSUME anything.... by the time I reached the half century mark!!!

oh well, i did get some pretty glass ...

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Don't feel bad mermaid, I've done things like this before. I get anxious to buy something and I've learned the hard way that it's best to know the prices first.

I wish I had some stained glass to let you have so you'd feel better.
Hugs, Carol

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Been there done that! It's the bummer part of the adventure. PJ

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Thanks, you all make me feel better. I just need to start another project to get back in the swing of things.. waiting for my sea turtle base.. at least they did send me one, hopefully it will come soon, and I can glue myself silly and feel all better.

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There you go - mosaicing cures lots of pains.

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