Hard Times

foxglove44April 14, 2007

My daughter had a beautiful healthy baby girl and that's good news!

However hard times have fallen on us again. About three weeks ago my DH passes out at work. The EMT's brought him to the hospital. He was in bad shape and in ICU for 2.5 days. He had an acute GI Bleed. He was released after 8 days and a week after that I went to visit our daughter and the grandbaby. He went to work the next day. The second day of work he was called in to his bosses office and they let him go.

It was for inappropriate use of the internet. He went on Wikpedia. That's the lamest excuse. Two weeks before he became ill he received an excellent review.. a raise and a bonus. It's clear they wanted him gone because of the illness.

Now we are trying to figure out what to do next. At this point we are going to try to move close to our daughter.

I am planning on selling my mosaic supplies on Ebay.

I just thought I'd let you all know to look for them.

If anyone wants the link just email me!


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Oh Betsy,
I am so sorry to hear about your husband's firing! Last year my DH came home and said he was laid off...we definitely did not see that coming at all! It kind of threw me into a depression for months and months. He is working now, but of course for less money and we have to pay a portion of our health insurance, but at least he is working!!!! I hope your hubby is able to find a job soon, I pray everything works out for you.
IMO, It doesn't seem right that your DH was given a raise and bonus, and then is fired a couple of weeks later...maybe you should talk to a lawyer about that. Shouldn't he have gotten a warning or something first?

BTW...Congrats on your new grand-daughter, is this your first one?


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oh Fox, I'm so sorry to read this. Hugs to you and yours - wishing you all the best

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I emailed you for your ebay auctions, but sometimes they don't go through. If you didn't get it , email me at shrty411@hotmail.com

Sorry for all you're going through


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Sorry to hear of your bad news, and congrats on the new baby in the family. I hope things turn around for you,

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Thanks for the warm thoughts. It's hard times.. but I keep telling myself it is only stuff. I almost lost my DH a few weeks ago, but I didn't. My daughter gave birth to a beautiufl baby girl! I have my family and that's the most important thing in the world.
We've contacted an attorney, but my DH is stalling. It's a small world that his business is in. He doesn't want to hurt his chances of finding another job. I am just so angry!
I haven't got my mosaic dishes up on auction yet shrty. I will get them up this week and send you an email.
Thanks again..

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foxglove I can deffinatly relate afetr being on the road for 8 months last yr my honey was laid off in may. it was a big blow he was making good money and we had become acustomed to a certain way of life. after nearly a month of interveiws he decided it was time for a change and got his operators liscense and landed the first crane job he applied for things were ok he was making less money because he had no experience,but we were getting by barely we had lost 2000 dollars a month in income and we deffinatly felt it. then about 3 weeks ago he was laid off again so now things are worse because we hadnt fully recovered from the first time. He got hired on with Ray Anthony Cranes which is huge they are No.43 in the top 100 crane and transportation co. in the world its a wonderful oppurtunity. Usually they dont hire anyone with less than 5 yrs experience but DH did so well on the test they give in the interview they decided to take a chance on him so I think GOD was looking down on him that day its still lower pay and they only pay every 2 weeks so he still has 1 more week with no check but if it works out this could be the job he will retire from I just have to believe GOD has a plan nd this is just a bump in the road. and your road is bound to get less bumpy soon hun as is mine. Kinda make me think of something I heard "as soon as you get comfortable life throws you a curve ball" its the truth though. I would like to congratulate you on that baby though, they are truly miracles to behold and even though Im broke if I found out today I was to be blessed with another child it would be amazing. I know that you can get through it and yes it is all just stuff I have to keep telling myself this too but it is hard when you have to sell stuff you love DH sold his hot rod part hed been saving for for 2 yrs I think he wanted to cry. Well I hope both our lucks gets better but yours especially

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