Sore back?

daisymeApril 10, 2008

Even though I TRY to not bend over, when I work on my projects I get a really bad back. Do others experience this and what do you do to assure you're not causing yourself problems? (I.E. Brace your back in any way?) Are there excercises you use to help?

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Lordy, child. I've had two back operations - one w/a fusion, so I understand your pain. YES - all the time I have problems, but I just keep trying to outrun it. I even have a back brace, but it's almost as uncomfortable as the pain. I have a friend who went to a doctor who gave him ways to avoid the problems, don't know what kind of dr, but he told him different things to avoid, ways to lift, whatever, and he's had no more problems. It was sorta a workshop/seminar/pain management dr. ????? Check w/a orthopedic dr. first.

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