Victorian style bathrooms...anyone like them?

lavender_lassMarch 31, 2011

I found the greatest prints, for the ideal Victorian bathroom and thought I'd share them with you. I love everything about them (tub, plants and especially the purple!) but I'd paint the furniture creamy white. Does this mean my style is country victorian? :)

Anyone else like this style? Anyone have this style in their bathroom? Love to see pictures!

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I don't have it, but it sure is pretty. I don't think I'd want to clean under that tub though.

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LL I am not very good at styles. My problem is I take from different styles what I like and leave the rest behind.

I know you were interested in the French Country. The biggest difference to me from French Country and Victorian is colors. Typical French Country has blues and yellows. Victorians can either be light colors or dark.

The same parts of both is lots of layers and abundance of things around.

At our last house I was stumped to make it feel comfortable until I started to see it as a cottage. But to me cottage has too much stuff. So I modified and called it minimalist cottage. Pretty much an oxymoron.

I love the look of the pictures you just posted.I am too lazy to keep up with all the layers.

Just rattling along with cup of coffee and enjoying a sunny day on my front porch.

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When I think Victorian, I think of a lot of florals with black backgrounds, fringe & tassels, and lace.

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Hmmm, I never thought of my new bath as Victorian, but those pictures have some elements similar to my bath. I thought the beadboard and the clawfoot tub, the stained glass, was just old cottage. I'm more eclectic, not really Victorian.

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MMMMmmmm I like it!

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I would love to have a tub like that, in the plan I'm working on my master bathroom is larger than my master bedroom. My husbands dream has always been to have a room that is a tiled shower w/spray heads on both sides & one above-so I'm converting the walk in closet for him (sounds like a car wash to me :)... my dream is to have something this pretty with a deep relaxing soak. recon' it would clash with my barn house?

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Those are pretty pictures, although I think it would be too much for me to keep all those towels folded just right! I like romantic styles as well but in my little house I have discovered less is more. I haven't been able to use all my antique accessories I have acquired but it made my little house look too cluttered to my eye. I love the purple color - I had that in my last bathroom and I loved it. But now my colors are off-white, beige, brown and green, more of a nature look.

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Absolutely not! Your barnhouse theme would be perfect...nothing like a big clawfoot tub to feel like you're in another time and place!

What about some large paneling planks, for the walls? Beadboard is great too, but the wider panels are a little more rustic looking. Also, I'd have a big window with a curtain...have you seen Sarah Richardson's farmhouse remodel, on HGTV? Here's a few pictures :)

Here's the wider paneling...I really like her entry...that red is so cheerful!

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I had a claw footed tub yrs ago. I didn't like cleaning under it, behind it or around it. ugh. might be easier today tho, they have so many 'duster' type things. like the one for doing ceiling fan blades or just the new type with the toss away covers on the end / or washable ones.

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