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ali80caMay 10, 2013

We are installing a induction cooktop in the island with a popup vent behind it. Both are kitchenaid. In our current kitchen we have no venting and while the popup might not be the best solution it is sufficient for us. I would like the cooktop to be installed on top of a bank of drawers for pots and pans (realizing that the top drawer would be non functional). The blower on the vent can be reversed so the main part of it would be in dead space in the island. The installation instructions still show a 4.75 inch obstruction into the cabinet. Now I realize that the vent is placed fairly close to the cooktop, but I am assuming that 4.75'' wouldnt truly be 4.75'' once it was placed behind the cooktop. Does anyone know if it is possible to do this on top of a bank of drawers, or is there not enough space behind the drawers to accomplish this? I really would prefer to avoid pullouts for pots and pans if at all possible.


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I am not sure how much dead space you have behind the cooktop cabinet, but you may be able to have the cooktop sit towards the back of the cabinet and then have the pop-up vent actually be behind the cabinet. It depends on just how far from the edge of the countertop that will end up being and if you are comfortable with that.

Are you still going to be able to access the vent fan in case it ever needs service or replacement?

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Yes there will be an access panel from the other side of the island, so getting to it if we need to is not an issue. I wasn't sure how far back from the edge of the counter was too far back for comfort sake. My current cooktop is 28'' from the front to back...with the front burners being 5'' from the front edge, so I likely could move it back without it being noticeable to me.

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