Look who was in our yard last night

silvamaeApril 10, 2013

A handsome jackrabbit! His ears are beautiful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Silva's blog

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YES - they ARE beautiful. I love rabbits. My Dallas daughter hates them - she has a beautiful garden, and wabbits are enemies.

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I wuv wabbits! But I can understand your daughter's feelings. When we lived in Hurst, we had a wonderful garden. We had rows and rows of lettuce. A little rabbit would come in every evening and nibble on the lettuce. He was so methodical. He slowly ate his way up a row until all the lettuce was gone and then the next night he would start on the next row and make his way down that row, one head of lettuce at a time. Argggh!

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Awwwwww - those little poopers!!! Shea's garden is flowers. I had a tortoise in Damascus that went down my walkway and bit the heads off each of my Pansies one year. It was at the end of the season, so I let him have his merry little time - was most entertaining. YES - it was so methodical. He took a bit, chomped and chomped, then moved on to the next one. 'twas funny as could be.

Hey - is the forum dead or what? Sure miss the action. I'm not helping much, though. I'm doing a mixed media on canvas and having a great time, but it's slow going.

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I'm not helping either! I'm in a slump, plus I've been busy with other stuff. Ready to get back on it. Yes, the forum is sure slow; I check it every day but it's dead. Maybe I can come up with something to start it up again.

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