Ideas for big TV wall

Cindyloo123July 21, 2012

This is not a great picture of the problem wall, but you will get the gist of the problem.

The wall is 14' long by 8' high. The tv takes up about 3.5' of the width. The area above the tv is 26" high.

I need the floor space on either side of the tv for seating, and in December, a Christmas tree goes in the right hand corner. So I don't want to put a built in on the floor.

I think the tv area looks best when it appears to be enclosed with sides and a "cover". So I'm looking for ideas on how to add depth and architectural interest on the upper half or third of the wall. I could go as simple as a collection of items hung across that space (the dated "basket on a hook" idea, old windows hung from the ceiling to bring them away from the wall, artwork hung the same way), a wall to wall shelf above the tv (with built in downlights?), a series of cubbies built between the studs with a variety of doors that could be left open to display the contents...

The imaginations in this forum know no bounds, so I would appreciate ALL ideas!

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I notice to the left of the tv there isn't a chair. Will you be putting one there since you said you need both sides for seating?

I had a similar setup once. We put tall matching bookcases on each side of the TV, then I decorated with a nice clock and several prints on the wall above it. You can still put a chair in front of a bookcase, especially at an angle and it would look nice.

At Christmas you just move the chair to another area. I have to laugh because my son is building a new house and I told my DIL just yesterday to make sure there is a place for the Christmas tree and TV. LOL.

While I adore your TV stand, I don't think it's wide enough for the TV, especially in a living room.

In my current LR we have the TV on a low stand, scooted the TV to the far right of it, and I put a plant on the empty space on the other side of the TV. IOW, the TV isn't centered on it, but it looks good because of how it's decorated.

You could do this but you'd have to get rid of the seating area to the left of the TV.

The space above the tv would be a great place for a picture wall, clock, etc.

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Thanks for the input Oakleyok. The room is far from finished. I am going to reupholster the green club chair and get another small scale chair for the left of the tv. I'll be replacing the loveseat and side tables as soon as I find time to shop.

I agree that the tv would look better on a wider stand that has room for something decorative...I guess I'll start watching CL for such a piece. I'm glad now that I've procrastinated on painting the current tv stand!

I've considered tall, narrow bookcases on either side of the stand, with a bridge across the top. I'm just not sure I can get it to blend with the dresser stand...which I love. I do have the top drawer from the dresser, which has matching carvings. I wonder if I could use the drawer front as part of the bridge to tie the pieces together? If I go that route, do you think I would still need a wider tv stand?

And my next question is, what color should I paint this whole book shelf, tv stand arrangement?

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Thank you for that link design_wotcha! The TV is slightly higher than I want it to be. The center is currently 56" off the floor and your article says it should be 42-48".

It WAS just over the limit before I added the 6" shelf to accommodate the extra components. That 6" has made a big difference.

The height of the TV and any surround I create will certainly affect the placement of art on the wall, so I really appreciate your comment. I think I will have to find a lower stand before I go any farther with the project.

I was looking at the Ikea bookcases last night, but I want real wood. I'd like the lower half to be closed storage, but I might settle for using the Ikea baskets for the lower shelves.

The wall color in the room is about the same yellow as Belgian Waffle and if I made one wall red I'm afraid it would reflect on the other walls. I'm thinking of painting the entertainment unit a medium taupe with some red accents?

I can't tell you how much I appreciate any input on this!

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Design wotcha's post is certainly helpful.
The problem with the wall is that the TV stand is too small and white. Oh, the challenge of big, black televisions!
(I'm waiting for someone to make one that is pale gray when it's off, but I digress...)

The contrast between the TV and everything around it makes it stick out like a sore thumb. While I agree that your stand is very nice, I think you really do need bookcases around it, and that it needs to be a darker color.

I would also consider painting your bookcases the same color you choose for the stand, and painting the back wall of the bookcases the same color as the wall behind it, which lightens the whole construction visually. That wall will work much more effectively if you think of everything surrounding the TV as one coordinated unit.

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I just had the legs cut down on my new tv console, because it was just too high. With the tv on top, the tv seemed to tower over all my other furniture. It was originally 36 at the top of the console - I had 3 inches taken off - it helped to bring it down closer to eye level and what seemed to make the most change - the console didn't have a large empty space under it anymore. I can no longer see the baseboard or the tv/accessory wires. Yes, I lost the tapered leg look, but I'm happier in the long run.
I don't know why furniture mfg. (hooker) is making consoles 36 high. It is tough to find one that isn't low,low - but not 36 either.
I really don't think lowering the legs on yours would help - it would make it too boxy.. I would look for something new with some shelves, etc. to take up some wall space or add pictures, scones, etc. to your walls.

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bronwynsmom and jeannie01 thank you both so much for your input. I have a major problem making decisions like this and the more people that weigh in on the subject the more comfortable I feel about committing to a plan.

I absolutely see that I need the bookcases. And I will definitely treat the stand and surround as one unit, using matching trim or details to tie the pieces together. The stand is white because it was previously used as a dresser in another room. I look forward to being able to hide the wires behind the bookcases and to putting some pretty little accent lights inside the bookcases.

It's going to be hard to find a shorter dresser or a buffet. I only need one of the two components that are sitting under the shelf on the current dresser. I will move that to the bookcase, eliminating the six inch shelf. I think I can live with the TV being 2" higher than the maximum suggested height. My seating is definitely at least 2" higher than average seat height.

So, ideas on paint color for the overall set up?

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hi cindyloo, for more inspiration take a look at the way in which the WEST ELM PARSON's media unit is built up - it seems that you are planning to build this (?) so maybe this simple layout is a good model to follow....

Here is a link that might be useful: West Elm Parsons Media Unit

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Thanks for the link design_wotcha! I'll have a carpenter build it for me. I guess I should look all around the net and find what I like best. More decisions...ugh!

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