Changing out free-standing range to slide-in?

blubirdMay 14, 2010

Currently, I have a free-standing range which I love. It's an 8 year old gas GE profile. I'm having my kitchen redone with new cabs shortly and I prefer to use my current range at this time. If I reuse my range, what issues will I have if down the road I change it out to a slide-in later on?

I understand that there is an area behind the slide-in which can be templated for countertop material if the slide-in is in place. I also know that most of the current slide-ins available have a (usually) stainless strip to take the place of counter material, so that shouldn't be an issue.

But, are there any other issues to be aware of - the sides of the slide-in, do they need special consideration at the countertop, for example?


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I went from a freestanding to a slide in before I replaced my countertops. With the old counters I bought the rear filler strip which covered the ~2" gap at the back. New counters were templated so I could eliminate that filler strip.The rear filler for my stove was made for a 25" deep counter which worked perfectly with the original formica tops. If you have 25.5" deep counters (or something that puts the front edge more than 23 1/8" from the rear of the opening) then you might have to do something different with the filler. I'll have to check but I do think the manual listed a second option for those situations.

The slide in ranges don't have sides. For my GE profile I could purchase sides extra if needed - in the case of it sitting at the end of a cabinet or if it were to stick out from the cabinet face more than 1.5" so you didn't see the bare frame.

Nothing special needed to be done for the cabinets or countertops other than the countertops need to be level as you will lower the cook top onto them so it just touches since it overhangs the counter. If the counter tops aren't level you will either have a gap on one side or your eggs will roll to one side of the pan.

My GE could fit an opening as small as 29 15/16" and ideal was 30 1/16." My exisiting cabs were 30 3/16 and I had new counters templated to match. You can't see any gaps since everything is covered with the cook top. The front edge of the stove sits pretty tight to the cabinets as well as the trim strips on the front edges are flexible for lack of a better term.

I can post a photo of my range if you like.

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I changed out my freestanding range with a slide in range and have not yet replaced my counters. (I will be doing more of a remodel when I do that -- floors, cabinets, and counters, keeping appliances). I am much happier with my slide in. I prefer the look and it cleans up more easily (crumbs don't drop between the range and the cabinets). My metal filler strip behind the range was not quite large enough for the space without notching the front edge of the countertops. I currently filled in the space with the metal spacer + a wood spacer painted black (the range top is black and the metal spacer is black also). It works, but it's not ideal. Perhaps you can do some research measuring just what your countertops would need to look like to properly support a slide in range and then just install your freestanding in the place? That way your range would stick out a few inches, but you'd be ready for a freestanding range when you wish to purchase one.

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Another thing to be careful of is some brands have a narrow height requirement for the top of the counter.

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Thanks for the reminder to make sure the countertops left and right of the range are level - take nothing for granted.

So, there's no special treatment for the front edges of the granite for a slide-in? No curved corner?


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All the slide in ranges I looked at were meant for countertops with a squared off edge profile. I got my granite with a pencil/eased edge and it fits nice. The guys that came to template said that I could get a fancier edge if I wanted and then they would stop that edge where the range overhangs so the it would have a square piece to sit against so there would be no unsightly gaps.

Other than the edge profile it's just a regular old 90 degree corner.

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Snowjay , that's exactly the piece of info I was looking for. My current Silestone countertops have that eased edge and was planning to do the same for the new countertops. I was hoping that there didn't need to be some sort of curve at the front edge.


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Glad I could be of help. :)

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