my ole Doggy : (

nicethymeMarch 10, 2007

Our Mara has reached the age of 16 just a few weeks ago. she has suffered blown knees last year, we suspect she's deaf and somewhat senile... today the nieghbor down the way called to say she was in their yard and couldn't climb the hill to get home. Hubby carried her back up and she started to wonder off in the wrong direction. Now she's listless, labored breathing with whines and whimpers. Please... please let this happen easily in her sleep... soon. I'm not sure I can bare to make the decision and stand over her while they do it

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Oh, NICE: I'm so sorry for you and the dog. That must be heartbreaking, to say the least. Bless y'all's hearts! Stay by her side and love her 'till the end, if you can't bring yourself to help her to Rainbow Bridge. Here's the site. I cry every time I read it.

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I feel for you. It's hard to watch them near the end.
We lost one a few years ago, and have another getting close.
I can hardly stand the thought of it again.
Hang in there.


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It's gonna be hard enough saying goodbye to our girl, almost as bad is seeing my Dh cry - it breaks my heart because I know it takes alot to affect him.

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OHMYGOODNESS. I am so sorry I left your DH out of the sympathy! I didn't mean to. Somehow I always think of pets as OURS - we women - I suppose because it is usually we that take care of them. Bless his heart, I soooooo feel for y'all. Hug him for ME! Please ask him to read Rainbow Bridge. It might help y'all. It's very comforting.

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That poem tears my heart out every time I read it. Thanks Slow. She was to be my baby that I begged to have but somehow she glommed onto her daddy from the very start and they have always had a strong bond.

I think she's had a stroke and am preparing for the decision. Dh is still holding onto the idea that she's possibly sick / poisoned and might return home from the vet's in good shape. He's insisted that we feed her water through a dropper today. I believe she's not taking water because she's shutting down.

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So sorry nicethyme!! I had to put my dog down a couple years ago. He had lung cancer. I nursed him for a month. Cooked him hamburger and finally at the end bacon. I felt like as long as I could feed him he was ok. One day, he just looked at me and howled. I knew what he was saying. It is SO difficult to make that decision.

My DH came with me to the vet. It was terrible for both of us.


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This is killing me! I want to hold y'all and the dog! I've just said a pray for y'all that God w/take care of the decision for you, wrap His merciful arms around you and comfort you and see you through this sad situation. I sooo hurt for you.

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AW Nicethyme.

I feel for you both and your doggie. WE lost our almost 16 year old guy a few years ago. I still have a baby tooth of his and a small lock of his hair in a locket I never take off. Even though we had another dog and just got another pup I still can't let go of him.

My heart breaks for you and pray she will go on her own. Older dogs can get a palsy like thing like stroke and seem to loose control of their legs.

I remember fixing elk stew for our old guy for the lase couple of months of his life.

((((((((((((((((((((Nicethyme and DH)))))))))))))))))))))))


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(((((((((HUGS))))))))) I understand what you're going through we had to put our german shepard down last spring. He was 15. I had been spoon feeding him, he had lost his sight and kept running into things. It was a hard decession but he was soo unhappy that way. We still miss him. He was dh's more than anyone else. We just now got another dog. I held his head till the end. My heart goes out to both of you.

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Pets really are such a big part of the family, always glad to see you when you get back...God will help you thru this! Thanks for sharing this with us because a lot of us can relate and it is nice to know you are cared about!!! God Bless your Family! Jane

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we said goodbye this morning and held while they did it.

I dug the grave and Dh found a suitable "coffin", he said "you'll have to make her a mosaic headstone" Sometimes, I love that man more than words can express

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Bless your hearts. I am soooo sorry. What a wonderful husband you have to say that! Love y'all and I don't even know you. Be assured I am praying for y'all.

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Oh, ya know as this day goes on and I reminisce in my mind - all the cool doggy things about her, I'm feeling better - that AND knowing that somewhere in Texas is a fiery redhead keeping me in her prays! thanks Slow!

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So sorry nice. Glad you are feeling a little better about it. It is so tough. Sending a big hug.


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And God DOES answer. Already He has made you feel better. Bless you, little girl. God loves you. It'll get better in time cuz time and God heals the broken hearts.

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(((((((((((((((((BIG HUG))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


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So very sad for your loss.

God bless you for the love you gave your pal.

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Just read this today, so sorry for the loss of your dear doggy friend. I know how hard it is, I had a dear poodle that I had to decide to have put to sleep. After making the decision once, I knew that it was the right thing, and I know that if I have to make the decision again, it will be out of love and compassion. You did the right thing, and I know you will find comfort in that thought as you think about her in the future.
To this day I think of Heidi at least once every few days - and she went to doggy heaven 20 years go.

May you find peace in your rememberance of Mara,


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