The holiday

emagineerMarch 18, 2007

I just watched The Holiday...a feel good movie. They had the most enchanting cottage in it. I had to rewatch more than a few scenes to see all the details inside.

It amazes me how they can stuff so much stuff in a little space and look wonderful. Furniture was pushed up next to other pieces, full bookshelves surrounded the rooms and there were stacks of wonderful "things" on tables, mantle, etc. I know this is a "set", but still, the small comfy corners and fabrics/colors used made it all wonderful.

And, I want that house. Or at least be able to do some of the things done in the rooms.

Part of my fascination with the cottage is so much of current decorating seems to lean towards minimulist. And we keep sharing how to get rid of things. This little cottage definitely didn't fall in either aspect.

Has anyone seen this movie and do you have rooms decorated like the cottage? If you have...what does it take to do this without all looking cluttered?

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I'm not familiar with that movie. Is it on TV or at the theater? I would love to see the cottage as it sounds so comfy,

I struggle with the need for clean surfaces, but I love the look of "small comfy corners".


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Movie is on DVD for rental/buy. It was in the movies during Christmas. Not an Oscar winner, but a fun love story about 4 people who meet between the US and England. It was a nice diversion.

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Oh, I loved that cottage too. And I loved the movie. I am having bookcases built into my den. Everyone tells me to decorate the shelves. But to me bookshelves are for books, so they'll be crammed with all my favorites. The cottage was small and she had alot of stuff. It didn't look cluttered. It looked lived in.

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I agree with the above poster. There's a difference between "clutter" and "signs of life," IMO.

I love small homes but I'm not a minimalist by any means! I'm trying not to "pack rat" as much as I've done all my life, but I do want things around me that bring me joy and comfort and inspiration.


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