How many mosaics in your house ?

toomuchglassMarch 2, 2012

I'm just wondering how many mosaics (that you made ) in your house ? ( you can include your yard ) And of course -- how many stained glass pieces ?

Go count them. I'll wait...

Dum de dumm dumm da ...

doo de doo doo da ...

Are you back now ? Geeze , you're fast ! How many mosaics and / or stained glass pieces ( made by you ) did you count ?

The reason I asked is ..... I had a conversation in the stained glass store today with a lady . After telling her my backround , she remarked --

"OOOOoooohhh - your house must be so beautiful , filled with all your glass projects ! "

HA ! I have exactly 3 mosaic pieces & 2 stained glass items.All these years ,I've been making and selling things and never keeping anything for myself. Honestly ,my house is bare !

Now - I'm finally doing things for myself. I don't care who comes over and admires my stuff & offers to buy it -- it's all mine now. When I start something new ,

Dh always asks " where would you put it ?" I've seen houses that every wall was solid family pictures. I think I'm going to do that. Every bare space is going to be filled with my projects !

Oh YIKES -- I got off topic yakking about myself. Sorry !

Okay --- Spill it --- how many things did you count ?


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Okay, I have about 20 pieces; that's over a 12-year period, that's how many I kept. I have sold lots and given away a few. There were some things that I sold that I wish I hadn't, and I plan to be more selective in the future and keep the best!

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Every corner and all the walls are covered in art of some kind, many of my mosaics. The gardens are becoming crowded too. I've given away many and sold quite a few. Wish I had the ones I sold back, but where would I put them? I never tire of looking at the things I've made. I give many home/garden tours, but don't have the nerve to put a little box out asking for donations for my time. I'm just proud of my work and enjoy doing it.

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Slow, the one thing that bothers me is the blues guitar is gone. It had so many one-of-a-kind pieces, I can do one that is similar but I can't repeat it exactly. That is what I plan to do next, a blues guitar somewhat like the one that is gone. I have been collecting pieces here and there for it. Slow, you open your home and garden for tours, you definitely SHOULD put out a box for donations! You can use the $ to buy more stuff! I have been working on butterflies lately; finished two framed butterfly wall hangings and a pitcher and I am working on a 12"x12" butterfly on mesh for a donation.

Here is a link that might be useful: Silva's blog - totem/bluebonnet photo

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I would pay to see your house and gardens, Slow... AND TO MEET YOU!

I think there are 12 mosaics on display here in my hse, a couple more outside. If I had my way I would fill my hse too but I would have to be a single woman 1st! lol

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100's of stained glass items from suncatchs to a 6ft tall fountain, but only 5 mosaics.

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Please post pictures on the other side, SCORELINE. We'd love to see your works.

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I have a couple pieces of my own that are favorites, but most of the mosaic pieces I own are purchased pieces or even better-things Ive gotten in exchanges and as gifts. They are so special and delight me every day.

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