My Busy Weekend w/Guests

texaswildMarch 18, 2007

The storm has passed and I can now try to get back to normal life, if anything in my life IS normal. DD#2 - Shea came on Friday night and brought her best friend/co-worker - Wendy - and DD#1 - Suzie - came for the day on Sat. Shea/Wendy just left and I'm worn to an absolute frazzle. I had cleaned house ALL day Friday, and just about 4:30 it was time for me to shower and fall apart on the sofa to wait for Shea's arrival at about 7:30, she called to say she was on her way and although we had planned to go country dancing on Sat. night, she wondered if I'd be up to going out that evening to get a head start on the weekend. I could have just died, cuz I knew they wouldn't go alone, so what choice did I have, pray tell? I forced it, made a pitcher of 'ritas, had a few and planted a big smile on my face when they arrived. I barely got myself dressed in the cowgirl regalia, made up etc. when they roared in. We left the house at 8:30ish and danced the evening away, ending up at a "joint" for snacks on the way home, and we all fell into bed around 2:00 am. Talk about TIRED??? I had passed tired at noon the day before during the dusting/mopping/vacumming, cleaning the patio fountain, etc. Since I was expecting my handyman and his helper at 8:00 am on Sat. morn. for breakfast and to finish what I started in demolshing my bathroom counter and putting in a temporary situation until I can get it all mosaiced (this is a whole 'nuther story - it started w/a leaky faucet I wanted him to repair), I needed a few hrs. of good sleep. I opened one eye at 4:30 am, and thought - oh, two more hrs. Next thing I knew it was 7:50 and I leaped out of bed, hoping he would be late, and started the coffee and making biscuits, eggs, sausage, fruit salad. GOOD GRIEF! And away the day flew cuz right after everyone had breakfast, the guys started to work and I started cooking lasagne and trimmings for lunch for everyone. Then, after lunch was finished at 4:00, we had to go to Cavendar's to shop for MORE country boots/clothing. Finished in time for MORE margaritas before the Sat. night dancing would begin. Arriving at 9:00 pm at the Electric Cowboy, we danced away another evening to good ole country music, closing the place down at 2:00 am. Needless to say I was too tired to sleep, but was up by 8:45, making muffins, bacon, eggs etc. As they were packing to leave, I'm cleaning the kitchen etc. Just said good-bye and I'm wiped out. My handyman is due to come back to hook up the sink temporarily in my bathroom cuz he didn't want to have the water off while I have company. If he weren't coming, I think I'd entertain the thought of hoping back into bed. Just can't do that, so w/try to stay awake and to keep busy I'll grout a couple pieces and clean off the worktable cuz TOMORROW w/find me in the garden for the next week or two or three getting it ready for annual plantings. Need I say I'm TIRED?

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Hi Slow! We missed you! Wow....what a whirlwind weekend! And what a good Mom/hostess you are! Sounds like lots of for your much deserved rest! Thanks for the update!

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Whew you made me tired! Glad you're back posting. A little jealous of you PLANTING already!!


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Hey Party Girl!!! Us Canadians must seem so boring to you!!! You couldn't even get us to go to see a marriachi (?)band! I stayed home and did housework,played with mosaics,watched some bald eagles(4)right outside my livingroom window,hid the dogs!LOL! and recovered from a serious bought of peri menopause and a week from work hell!(had to call 911 2x!!!) Went to the recycle with Cindy on friday and grabbed a icecream maker for $3, manual one, but figured I'd give it a go! Am thinking of making a 3ft long w/ 3ft wing span dragon fly, for the front of my house, I have a big empty area right above the living room window, kinda like a big forehead,lol! Am trying to decide if I should do it cement and grout and mosaics or if that would be too heavy to hang off my house! I plan to make it and put it up and suprise Hubby!!! Just gotta face lugging this thing up a ladder 20ft. hmmm.... Jane

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OMG! no wonder we didn't hear from you - I'd need to sleep for 2 days to recover from all that! whew!

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Made me tired just reading it also. I haven't done any boot scooting since I moved here. However.........what I really want to know about is a handyman that you cook breakfast for. :)

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Thanks for missing my girlies - I was a little tired, but I just don't have time to rest. LIL: My handyman is also my friend who practically lived here almost daily the first three of the four years I've lived here - working on this old house, so I consider him family. He has the keys to my house, the alarm code, takes my credit card to Lowes when I'm too busy to go w/him to buy materials, so yep - he's part family. Love him to pieces.

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Hey Calamity, I'm Canadian too!
Slow, I think I would have to go check out a place called Electric Cowboy. You have far more get up and go than I do. You are so lucky to have found a handyman who will work in "bits and pieces" they are almost impossible to find here - doing good work at a fair price, in small "bits and pieces". We have HUGE bits and pieces coming, I found a great guy to do our whole renovation.
We tried to have a yard sale this weekend. We had GREAT STUFF, but nobody came. The weather was "cold" at 55 degrees!! All that work to set everything up, then I had to pack it all into the van (I was determined to get it in there at one load) and we took it to the thrift store.
Hubby spent the weekend dismantling an entire metal kitchen set from the 40's in which every element had been painted on several times. The patience that man displayed. I'd have been bored out of my TREE! But every plastic, chrome or bakelite piece had to be removed for stripping and powder coating or re-chroming. They did not tell us this until we got it all the way out to the coaters!! So back home again to take it all apart. I think I would have rather gone country dancing, lol :)


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I was just razzing you slow. girlgroup, it's that way here. Almost impossible to find someone to do smaller jobs or odd jobs. I had my house leveled and now I need quite a bit of taping and bedding done to the sheetrock, trim work, doors re-aligned. All manner of repairs and then painted and so far I've had zero luck.

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Oh, I know what y'all mean about finding a HM. My DD#2 in Dallas can't find anyone either. I am so grateful for mine. He got the water back on today in my sink but nothing is down permanently. I haven't a clue what kind of design I want to mosaic on the counter and backsplash. Sure could use an idea or a few from y'all before I start. I w/tumble all the glass so there'll be no sharp edges. Any suggestions w/be appreciated.

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Shoot, I don't ever know what I'm doing or going to do but I bet if you showed some pics of what you are going to mosaic there would be some that could give you some ideas. I'm amazed at the talent on this board.

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The bathroom is such a mess right now I can't even go in there cuz I have too much to do outside right now. As soon as I clean it up I'll post some pictures and ask for opinions. You're right about the talent here. WHAT would we do w/o all this inspiration and good advice?!

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