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nicethymeMarch 9, 2008

My very best friend has been slightly estranged from me for several years. She's confessed to me that it was due to her embarrassment over her husband... his sober but alcoholic personality, his putting them into financial ruin over and over...

she's having a bit of identity crisis at the moment, feeling like she's wasted 9 years of her life on him... and struggles to keep up the household, be sole caregiver of her 8 yr old DD with Cerebral Palsy and keep up the farm and property in exchange for the house they live in.

My heart aches for this young woman, she's 27 years old.

Her beautiful daughter is wheelchair bound, unable to feed, dress or bath her self. while her body doesn't work, her mind is unaffected and she is brilliant.

My husband and I oversee the fund that recieves donations and provides various equipment and therapies...

so on the other side you can see the mirror wip that I am making my girl friend

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OH, NOW THIS EXPLAINS MY DILEMA. I KNEW there had to be a deepness of the message that piece screams. This is absolutely a heartwarming piece, and now I see the meanings. NT. Lordy, child, if I could have what you have in your head and heart when I create something, I'd call myself an artist. The project touched my heart, and so does the story behind it. Bless all your hearts!!! and your creativity.

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Thanks for sharing Nice! You are a good friend! I'll add her to my prayers!

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Beautiful story,and yes alcohol whether it be husband or parents makes us feel inferior and pull away from our friends.So glad you wee able to hear from her what happened and still be there for her.

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