foxglove44March 5, 2008

I get to go see my LilyPie (my granddaughter)in 27 days.

She'll be turning one on April 4th


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Well how sweet is THAT. Where does GD live, how often do you get to see her? From your page I see you live in Houston. My DH was from there, we got married there, and I really like Houston. Haven't been back in years, but the last time my DH and I were there on homeleave, we'd just come from a sleepy little posting in SE Asia on cobblestone streets, winding our way ever-so-slowly through donkey carts, hordes of people, animals etc, and when we hit Houston freeway traffic I nearly died. I hadn't driven that fast in years, and let me tell you, the people on my tail were ANGRY. I have always been a fearless driver, and consider myself a GOOD driver, but I was out of my element in Houston after living in the wilderness. I know you'll enjoy your visit w/family, and especially your GD. They're so precious at that age.

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whoops.. I guess I better update my page. We lived in Houston for a year. It wasn't for us and that traffic is TERRIBLE!!!!
We are living in a very rural ... at least for me.. part of Wisconsin. About 40 miles outside of Madison. It's beautiful here and people are friendly. My DH loves his job. My DS loves the school and is doing better then ever expected. This is the poor child's third High School in three years. He is repeating his Jr. year. and that turns out to be a good thing. I go to water aerobics two times a week and Tai Chi two times a week. I taught a mosaic workshop in Feb. I have another one in May. One more in June!
My daughter and her family lives in Columbus, Ohio. Very convenient since that is where my sisters, my brother and their families live! It's about a 9 hour drive. The only bad part about the drive is trying to get around Chicago.
The baby is going to be a year and I have only gotten to see her four times. :o( That breaks my heart, but now that things are more settled I hope to see her more.

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