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rosemarythymeMarch 14, 2007

Do any of you do it? How does it work? How do you get started? Is it worth the time and effort?

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I sell on ebay but not mosaics. I think toomuchglass does, too sometimes. Are you thinking about your mosaics?

If you have bought there in the past, you have an account and can start selling.If not it's fairly easy to set up an account

Fees are based on your starting price and the final price if you sell. You just about have to have a paypal account (to accept payments etc..) and that has fees, too. Also little extras like gallery fees ( so there is a picture when people search and bring up a lis of items- a must have for something unique) buy it now, (if you want to go that way- for the impulse buyer). There is a free auction - picture hostng program called Auctiva ( They will host your pictures for free and build your auction. They have cool templates and you can put in more than one picure without extra fees ( ebay charges extra for more than one picture)

It can be a bit time consuming especially at first.

As for the time and effort? Well, if you sell something for a good price it's worth it. You also have to figure on packing and shipping.Most buyers figure the shipping cost as part of the items price, so heavier items like mosaics may not go for as high a price as you would like.As I said, i'm not sure how the mosaics do. I think lilym has mentioned ebay,too. I have bought mosaic supplies at a good price there

Any other ??s feel free to email me or I'll answer as best I can here, if no one else chimes in!!


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Yes, I sell...sporadically. It could be anything from vintage jewelry to a 100 year old American Indian beaded pouch. Whatever I find. Sometimes it's really good, sometimes it's really bad. The biggest sale I ever made was a nipon vase for $2050, one of those once in a lifetime finds at the Goodwill for $30.

There are about 3-4 people I like to watch on ebay that do beautiful mosaic work and they get good prices but some aren't as good and don't get the bucks. Get a good scales or you'll lose money on shipping.

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