Memory Book from Puerto Villarta

texaswildMarch 11, 2007

I've placed six photos in my album of a "book" of memories. It was inspired by a piece of wall art at the Hacienda Mosaico, where ROSIE, KLINGER, CALAMITY and I spent a magical week together in Riana's workshop. When I first saw it, it reminded me of Teesha Moore's images on her rubber stamps. These pieces were all junk scraps I found in the garage - an old board w/wonderful crackled paint, ROSIE's wonderful photos, lettering and images from newspapers used to pack our gifts, airline ticket stub, parts of invoices where we shopped, a portion of the hacienda business card and ..... . On ROSIE's picture, I placed a crown - "Queen of Photography". On the front is the title stamped into polymer clay - "Adventures of the Fabulous, Fearless Foursome". The head holds my idea of my ubiquitous problematic hair, made of wires into a wooden craft leg from HobLob and a piece of junk jewelry for the face. Of course, I had to have the heart motif somewhere, so glued three ceramic hearts on the book cover and one teensy one on the neck. I had so much enjoyment in creating this piece, I can't believe it isn't a mosaic. The glue is still drying so I couldn't hang it for photographing. Don't know where to hang it yet anyway.

Memory "Book"

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THATS SOOOO WONDERFUL and fun! I love it Slow, inspiring!

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Slow, this is a beautiful memory book! I love the mementos on the cover and the display of photos. This is such a treasure! You are sooo creative!

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You little "heifer!" LOL........That is such a from the heart project..........what a wonderful way to keep this memory!

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Thank y'all. I can't seem to settle down to do anything after finishing it. There's a let down and I'm pacing the floor cuz I want to do more of that kind of art. I hung it in a guest bedroom where My DGD sleeps when she comes to visit. Since she's a budding artist, I thought it appropriate to hang it there.

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What a fun memory project.

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I couldn't help myself. I HAD to keep working on it cuz I hate to leave it. I added a ribbon/bead tassel of leftover stuff.

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What a wonderful project!Great job as always, slow. You aren't going to give up mosaics now are you??


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WOW Slow you are so multi talanted. Fun project!! I always love looking through your albums. I can't seem to stop at just what you are posting about and want to keep looking again and again.


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Nice compliments - thanks again. NEVER give up mosaics, SHRTY! I was tempted to put some glass on the cover of the book but resisted. Getting back to mosaicing today but am thinking I'd like to make another couple of the books as gifts for my kids, and HAVE to make the stockings from screen, then it'll be back to my first love - mosaics.

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WOW!!! Whipped that off like the Obsessed!!!LOL! Awesome! I like it better than my idea of a plain jane multi pic frame!! Gotta raise the bar now!!! Might make mine folding wings and call it "a Heavenly Time" or "Gift from God"!!!
Those stockings are too cool, just might havta make a pair myself! It's sunny this morning!! Yaaaa! My DH cooked me a nice salmon dinner last night...I'm sooo spoiled! Great friends, great Hubby, I already miss you guys!!!!! Jane

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You know, your kids would probably LOVE for you to make them a book like that.

Unfortunately, I have an unsentimental boy. My cousin complains the same thing about her son and they have the same birthday!!( 8 Years apart)


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SHRTY: I had already planned to do so, IF I see any kind of reaction from them this weekend when we're getting together. I enjoyed making it so much and want to repeat the enjoyment so as soon as I whip out some stuff for the May trunk show, I'll start on Christmas gifts, and plan to make one for each of them, based on this weekend's reaction I'm expecting.

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Slow, how fun is that?! What a great idea. Too cute!


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