Little Free Library in your yard?

MoccasinMarch 29, 2013


Let's see if this works, I want the code for the map showing all the places which have set up the street-side library. Cute project.

Here is a link that might be useful: Little Free Library

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I saw those on Pinterest and thought it was a neat idea. Are you going to do it?

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Marti, I'm thinking about it. I have a lot of books but all are in the Teahouse now. DH can build one of those Shaker style book libraries. He makes very good bomb shelters! (hehehehe) he always overbuilds.

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I thought about it, but I worry about rain. I did look on the map and there is one in a town near me. It looks like it is at a private elementary school and it says something about books for that age.

I wish my city hall would put one up because we don't have a library. Have to buy a membership in another city.

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Though it sounds good, but practically it will be difficult to maintain it. Library in yard looks good for storage purposes. But it needs a ceiling over it.

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Well, I have a public library just a few blocks away, so I don't really need one in my yard, although I like the idea. My neighbor had a get-together where everyone brought books they were ready to give away and then you were allowed to take some books that you wanted. It was fun and I got a few books for my to-be-read shelf.

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Keeping the library dry is of course of primary importance. And, that is included in the requirements listed in building a Shaker style library nestbox. Looks like a bird nestbox to me. :)

Placing it here, on my property, would be close to a telephone pole and I'd locate a bench and patio umbrella there. I've thought about the bench and umbrella for a while now, because we have joggers and walkers all the time, and some might need to take a break in the super hot weather.

Dedtired, I think the get-together is a very neighborly way to get to know the families around you. Much better than a cocktail party, which is so ho-hum and not as socially acceptable as it was back in the 70s. It could be a feature of a yard sale too. Only instead of selling, you do some trading?

We have a library about 2 blocks away, walking distance. However, they've cut back the hours so drastically that you just about have to keep a calendar up to know which days to visit.

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We just got one of those near where I live. I think it's a charming idea, although our local library has always had an exchange program, too--places where you can leave books or magazines or take the ones other people have left.

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I have seen one in my neighborhood and it just so happens that it was raining on the day that I stopped at it. The door on it slides instead of swinging open, when I opened it everything was dry. They used one of the models on the webpage. There were a lot of different books in there and was a good selection actually. The box holds more than I thought it would hold. There was also a black notebook in there where people wrote in it telling how they found it, expressing appreciation and even some stating what they borrowed/returned/donated, even though there is absolutely no requirement to check in or out. It was the neatest thing ever. I don't have foot traffic where I live but if I did I would definitely do this!!

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Years ago we took a cruise. The ship had a voluntary library. Just a bookshelf with a sign- saying library is free, take or donate a book. There were plenty of books available, mostly fiction and biographies. I took a book, carried it around and read it in a day or two,then placed it back on the shelf.

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We had a book exchange in a doorway of a small store in a small town we lived in years ago. Was a great deal. The sign said take a book leave a book but was not an absolute requirement. There was always lots of books on hand. I used it often and was very happy to have it available.

We also have a library close here and now I have my Kindle holding so many books and so many available free I find myself reading a lot more than I had been. Some thing so simple as turning a page was getting hard for me. The kindle is just a tap with my thumb or stylist.

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I live in Madison, Wisconsin and there are lots of LFLs all over the city. My sister put one at the end of her driveway and it's very popular. No problems with rain/snow.

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