Please show me your stained hickory floors

blondeziggy2May 8, 2011

After two years of planning, we are starting our kitchen remodel tomorrow. I've chosen off white cabinets with a chocolate glaze with a dark wood island.

But I'm having stress over choosing the wood floor (which will be sand and finished). I originally wanted walnut and love that floor, but I have small children and a large dog. So I'm looking at hickory. I want to stain it a medium to darker color. Does anyone have pictures of their sand and finish hickory stained floor? Also, did you water pop it? Thank you in advance for your help!

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I have dark stained oak, I did not water pop it. My floor
guys refused. They are wood purists and would not do it.
However my floors look fantastic. Keep in mind water popping
will emphasize the grain in the wood. It will make it darker
since there is a lot of dark knots and grains in hickory
it might be better to just stain it without water popping.
Ask your floor guys, if you are doing this yourself, I
would search on wood care and staining.

I do not have hickory but dark stained hickory floors will
be beautiful. Especially with cream cabinets.
Here are some images of hickory floors.
not mine, but maybe they can help you see how pretty
hickory can be.

Below is Not Hickory but you can visualize how pretty dark floors

Not hickory but again the dark looks nice

Here is a link that might be useful: Floors Garden web

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Thanks so much boxerpups for your inspiring pictures. They were so helpful. I'm thinking I'm going to stain my hickory either English Chestnut or Antique Brown.

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You won't regret going dark. I used Eng-chestnut.
I love, love, love my dark floors. My floor guys come in
a few weeks to finish the rest of my house. I also think
with hickory you will be really happy as hickory is a
strong wood that can take abuse from kids, dogs, wild
families, skateboards.....and still look great.


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