Master Suite Closer to Done

MoccasinMarch 12, 2011

I'm basicly done with the closet...except the doors.

I'm basicly done with the bathroom...except the door and the med cab, the linen tower, and hanging a few accessories which I want to screw into place after a lot of thought.

I'm basically done with the bedroom area...except for doing the crown molding that will let me hang the curtains up to the ceiling. And until we get the floors in the whole house redone, I have to find a linoleum loose-lay sheet floor to put down. Cheap is good here. The room is 13 x 12, so I can get a 12 foot wide piece and buy it 13 foot long. Maybe get the store to install it, because I am about burned out. And I do not want to have a disagreement with DH about gluing it down. I do not WANT it glued down. No seams. Just the toe quarter round around the perimeter will do fine. I might even have them do the other bedroom once we get the bedroom furniture moved into the master bedroom.

These photos do not show the true color, sad to say. The color is great, very soft. The bath is Behr ORANGE CONFECTION. The bedroom is Behr CLASSIC TAUPE. I was not sure I liked it with only one window in the room, but the light from the clerestory windows of the closet and bath did make a big difference. So here goes.

This one was taken the day we had tornado warnings, we went outside when visibility was so bad we could not see the house behind us, and thought we heard an engine test block at the airfield nearby, only it was in the wrong direction, and it was moving from west to east, then we learned that a tornado had touched down about 5 miles away in a shopping center where we sometimes go. VERY loud roar, so it might have been that tornado having lifted up and on its way to the next county across Mobile Bay.

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What a treat to have windows in the closet! I love the beaded board and your tub. I can't wait for the big reveal!!

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Lovely. I can see the storm out your closet window.

I am not a brown person but your taupe really looks nice. I like the tile floor too.

Interested in your loose lay vinyl. Maybe we could do that ourself with the piece we have here.

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I never thought of beaded board all the way up the walls and ceilings. I like it - the vertical lines would be good in a small space. I can't see the orange color well but I love orange. I would love to see pictures of your whole house. Oh fun, tornado season - thats one thing I don't miss about the southern states, but I do miss the warm weather!

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I love it! Love the tub, love the light fixture, and love the tile. And forget what I said before about beadboard, yours is great and just fits the room.

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wow. the home stretch! can't wait to see it with the final touches.

are you going to put double doors on each closet doorway?

there's vinyl flooring specifically to be laid down loose. or with perimeter glue down. it is the more expensive stuff tho. you might be able to find a remnant to put down temporarily tho. with the edge moulding and the bed on it I doubt it'll go anywhere!

the stuff I picked out said it could be perimeter glued. it was about 2.40 a sqft. (they mark the price by sq ft, right?) there's probably an underlayment that is needed also. that's something I need to check out at Lowe's where I found mine.

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Hey, everyone, thank you so much. It is one step forward and two steps back. Sigh....I may have to get a better camera to take pictures of the painted surfaces, that Sony Cybershot T700 is not giving good color quality.

Steph, yes, the doors to the closet and the bath as well, will be the bifold french style, and I will etch the glass to let light through but not a clear view.

And the loose lay vinyl did not show a price online, but they say it is designed for use where frequent change might be required, like in rental properties. Since we do plan to refinish the floors, by sanding or by laying another hardwood over this one, to level the floors throughout the house, I do not want to deal with a glued flooring. And like you, I will be shopping first at Lowes, also to get them to install it. I want to also put the flooring in the other bedroom after we move the furniture out of there, before I move all the bookcases in. When time comes to redo the entire house floor, we now have the garage standing by to move EVERYTHING out. And then the kitchen remodel will be done, and we will take a month (hopefully no more than that) to rent a beach house from my friend (the same one we bought this house from)on nearby Dauphin Island. Close enough to check on the work being done here, yet out of the dust. Did I say that the kitchen (and the windowseat/pantry) was the last job for this house?

Well, maybe a few small projects, but no more big stuff.

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Tornado warnings are very scary for this CA person moved to "tornado alley" TX the sirens are almost as scary as the roar/funky pressure thing. (I've only been in a small straight wind.) Glad you only got to hear the tornado instead of having it drop on you!
Gorgeous bathtub and that window is amazing.

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Great tub! Very pretty stained glass window and I love the beadboard :)

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ML, I have loose-lay vinyl in my kitchen. The installation was quick and easy. They use double sided tape to secure the perimeter and the the trim.
The one thing you need to remember is NOT to drag anything heavy accross it because it will tear. (Ask me how I know)!
And I was warned that it would expand and contract with changing temps. Well, my vinyl expanded and stayed that way. I have a ripple in one spot. In theory, you are supposed to peel it up, reposition and press it back down. I just put a throw rug over it.

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Lordy, we've missed you around here.

What brand of vinyl did you get, or do you remember? I will definitely go for the loose lay, since we do not currently have the quarter round toe molding down, and that would be a good way to just cover it and let it expand beneath that.

To keep from arguing with DH about it, I will also get the seller to install it.

And BTW, today I painted the hallway between the two bedrooms. Final coat goes on tomorrow. It is a deep dark chocolate, Behr MELTED CHOCOLATE, and I painted the ceiling with it also. Since I cannot lower the ceiling in the hallway in accordance with Sarah Susanka's way of doing things, I just painted it down.

For the time being, the pull down attic steps will be left white, but as I have time I will make it into a faux skylight, with the white molding around it, and then a blue sky and some clouds and a couple of seagulls. I did the entire ceiling of my hall at MoccasinLanding this way, and it helped the space look bigger. Only here, with dark walls and dark ceiling, I am just trying to be unexpected and a bit humorous.

While I am busy with the hall, with picking up trash in the garden, organizing my paints to go in the garage, DH is busily constructing crown molding for the back bedroom, which is our master suite. He is doing the wall where the window is first, so I can go ahead and hang the new curtain rods there. I'm anxious to get them up before I forget what the intention was!! Sometimes I get distracted.

Things are coming together nicely now. DH's son/wife are due to arrive next Thursday, first visit south since we got married. I look forward to their visit.

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ML, do you have apic of the 'skylight' idea. I can't quite picture it in my mind.

I thought you might like this:

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Thanks, Idie, I saved that birdy.

Lo, I have yet to paint the "skylight", so it is presently
only the cover of the pull-down attic steps. Which is also trimmed out in white molding same as the doorway trim. A rope hangs down so we can grab it and lower the steps.

This is the picture of the attic step hatch. Not painted yet. I took the masking tape off this morning.

This morning I was digging holes for plants which spent the winter heeled into DH's raised garden beds. He wanted them back. So the banana trees, two crape myrtles (soft pink), and one fat English dogwood (I think it is a mock orange?) are now in the ground and watered. And I am bushed. The yard took a beating from the construction work, and their materials spread on my tender grass, cement blobs, boots crushing the good grass, packing down the dirt. I'll need to haul in more dirt, maybe some sod for the really barren spots. And all the great leriope which costs so much for small pots of it, is buried under piles of dugout dirt they tossed aside to expose the foundation of the garage/Teahouse. That will take some heavy shovelling before it looks good again.

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I'll try that picture again, and also add some of todays progress pics, since DH has hung the three pairs of bifold French doors. Two for the closet, and the third pair for the master bath. Of course, I must paint them and spray the frosting glaze over the glass, which will end up looking like this anyway.

And then the "skylight" attic steps which pull down from the hall ceiling. Incidentally, I decided I do NOT like the dark in the hallway, so will instead put the beadboard wallpaper on the walls...later, not now.

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Pretty doors! Being bi-fold, but not on a track, how do they stay closed?

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Marti, there are flat little magnets which are affixed to the door and to the framing. Only at the top that I know of, but one for each half of the door. Pretty strong.

DH has to finish the trim for the doorways, but I was impressed with how all three doorways together made the room seem much larger than it is. It is 11'6" deep and 13' wide. Ceiling height is 8'2". DH finished his part of the crown molding on the one window wall, and it is now my turn to paint the top coat of white so he can mount the double rod for the drapes. Today I bought two lengths of copper pipe/tubing 3/4" and 1" diameter with some copper end fittings to use as the rods. DH asked what color I intended to paint them, and I said no way, just clean off the printing and enjoy that nice copper color where it shows. Even when it ages, the color is fine.

When those are hung, I'm going after a vinyl sheet floor to tape down around the edges, then we are moving the bed.
It's come together so slowly and gradually that it almost feels like it isn't there. I sometimes forget that we even HAVE A SECOND BATH, can you believe it?

I am so glad I got DH a nail gun for St. Patrick's Day, he is happy as a bug using it.

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Love the way you pulled that all together to make such a pretty space. I find it hard to imagine it all not having been there all along. Really pretty looking into the bath with the stained glass window. you have done a wonderful job of designing this.

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ML I'm so enjoying watching the progress on your house. Loving the bath. I'm trying to talk myself into purchasing a freestanding tub to replace our old builder's grade. Really loving those bi-fold doors too. You're going to have a lovely home.

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oh, it is looking just great! I don't think I'd like the dark walls in the hall either.

do those doors come solid? w/o glass panes? I need doors for my 2 closets and the pantry. my closet openings measure 28" - and are set up for 1 door each to open inward - into the closet. I don't like that - also don't know what happened to the doors that should be there... anyway, I was figuring I'd have to resort to a bifold on a track - I hate the idea of the track part tho. So, maybe I don't need to go the track route!
where did you get your doors? brand? name?

I have room in the hall between the 2 closets to open the 'half width' (of 1 door width) into it easily. both would even open into it from each closet w/o a problem but I don't see the need for that to ever happen.

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Thanks, Krayers. We are having a good time working on it.
And Steph, I ordered the French doors from Home Depot and they are made by Reliabilt. They come in all widths from 12 x 2 panels up to whatever. Of course you do NOT have to use the track, I hated it because it always hurt my feet.

Now, I have a STOP strip of wood across the TOP of the doorway, to make sure they do not swing inward, and that is where DH mounts the magnets.

I also got the bifold shutter doors at Lowes, made by Jeldwen (or distributed by them I think). They were in stock on the shelves. And those are either shutters or raised panels. What I wanted was the bifold with frosted glass in the top panels, and shutters in the bottom, but did not find those any more. Hmmm, well, to add a little bit of information: I bought UNFINISHED bifold shutters for our front bedroom closet, replacing sliding mirror doors on tracks (which really hurt the feet), and it was a real pain priming and painting two PAIR of them. So I was really happy when I found that the 2 pair 12" wide panels I bought to make a linen tower for the new bath WERE PREFINISHED. So I know Jeldwen does make a prefinished shutter bifold, if it is not in stock, check online for your store.

You can do a search online (Lowes or HD) for BIFOLD FRENCH DOORS or BIFOLD WOOD DOORS. We've ordered single French doors, plus the bifold French doors, for both AL and MA houses. If I'm not mistaken it was Home Depot, but could be Lowes. We had to have them shipped, not found in the store, but believe it or not, no shipping fee if picked up in the store. And they loaded them in our car.

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You know ML, most people get totally stressed when they have a big project going on, with workmen, contractors, deadlines, goof-ups. You're the only one I know who actually enjoy the whole process. Good for you!

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Marti, had not thought about it that way, but hmmmmm, you are right. I'm stressing NOW, because they are not here to finish the stucco application, and we have family visiting from New Hampshire later this week. Sigh.

I suppose I do enjoy seeing a plan come together and end up with something NEW or DIFFERENT anyway. If I was a young woman now, I'd go into architecture or landscape design, which is possible for women these days. I'd LOVE that.
Maybe that is where this comes from.???? Could be.

And further, I try to consider the purpose of all this work. It is not just to make a weatherproof building or another complete room. It is to contribute to our sense of home, our comfort, our enjoyment of the place here, maybe giving it a new identity in the process. If it does not do that, then it is shouting into the wind. Which is the way I look at all the plans, including yours.

Do not dispair about your house. There is a HOME in there somewhere, and we will try to uncover it with your guidance.

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We mounted the towel tower on the wall in the master bath yesterday. It is made from a 1 inch thick board and three of the bifold 12 inch wide bifold doors, and some wood like the back wood, for shelves. I still need to put a knob on the front shutter.

We took two brackets and cut them off to make two feet for the tower. Not necessary to hold it up, but it does keep it from looking weird jutting out from the wall with no visible means of support. I painted everything white.

Want to see it?
First, the bracket/feet with little pads under them to keep wood off direct contact with the tile floor, which could be wet at times.

Then the views of the tower installed, and the way the interior is outfitted and used.

And the next phase of the master bath will have DH building a med/pharmaceutical cabinet in this shallow alcove behind and over the toilet. I found nice cabinet doors at RESTORE which will be varnished not painted because they really are pretty....cost $10 each too, brand new.

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What is the strip at the top of your wainscot panel? Is it tile like next to the floor? I like it.

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Yes, that is the baseboard tile, which sort of smooths off there. Same stuff we put around the 2-inch porcelain mosaic of the bathroom floor. That is the only spot in the room which has a wainscot beneath it, the rest of the room is beadboard with no waistband anywhere.

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I like the way it finishes the beadboard.

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Thanks, Marti. The first contractor who abandoned us without finishing up, cut the wainscoting too short so I kept knocking my fingers when I used the sink stop plunger. The only thing I knew to do was add a little bit more to the wainscoting without creating a bump. I did not want to bring any new material into the room, so the baseboard tile seemed the most logical stuff to use.

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