Help on this Machine Please!!!

JonkeMelNovember 10, 2012

I have recently acquired this treadle machine which was badged by MW.

I need bobbins, but the size is unique and I can't seem to find them. To be honest, I havn't found any specific information about this machine and the only ones similar body in style are all motorized.

I am looking for a hint on where to find bobbins the size is similar to a size L rotary (13/16ths OD and 5/16ths tall) but the center hole is much larger than normal at 5/16ths.

Even a hint on the original manufacturer would be helpful since most websites will list singer models or white models but not MW.

I suspect an early White or a National Rotary...but can't find any solid evidence.

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Here is a picture of the bobbin and case.

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Well, I can confirm that it is not a White, can't really say about National....Whether a machine is motorized or treadled will not matter re finding a suitable manual, as the particular power source is simply a way of turning the shaft, and has no other bearing on the function of the machine.

For bobbins, and possibly a repro manual, I would try Cindy Peters , and send her that pic of the bobbin and its case. Another site for manuals only would be Relics.

Here is a link that might be useful: Relics Sewing Machine Manuals

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Perhaps a Montgomery Ward?

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It's definitely a Montgomery Ward.

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It is Montgomery Ward, but they are like Sears. They don't make their own stuff really, just put their name on someone elses. It's called badging and was a big thing to do back then. Kinda still is for some things I guess.

I'm trying to determine whose machine MW badged. I am hopeful if I can clearly determine that, I will be able to find the compatible bobbins from stores/websites that sell antique or vintage items. Since they only list name brands and not every catalog or store that badged a machine, I need to determine the OM.

My only concern on the Treadle v. Electric is that if the Electric is a newer model.....what did they change and was it the bobbin size? Prob won't matter, they didn't change things so quickly back then I suppose.

Thank you cooksnsews, I will cross of White from my possibilities and pursue National a little more seriously.

I do have a complete manual for maintenance and uses of the machine and attachments. It unfortunately only references MW's part numbers and not specific class/size or OM part numbers.

I do so much appreciate everyone who has looked and spent time looking at my post and telling what they know or looking for info! I will update what I find out, if anything.

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I found this on patternreview:

If it was made before 1955, probably made by National in Belvedere, IL.

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OK, I did a bit more searching and your MW is a National Modernized Rotary Reversew, and dates from after 1948. Its stitch length adjustor and reverse lever are on the base in front of the pillar.

This date may seem late for a treadle, but remember, electricity was not always available in remote areas, in some places not until around 1960. Most of these model likely were powered by an electric motor, but it would have been an external one, which could be easily removed for treadle operation.

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I bet cooksnsews is on the right track here. Cool old machine BTW.

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1940's, even late 1940's seems right. I am fairly certain I am only the second owner and it belonged to my mother-in-laws mother. I believe she was in her 80's, but obviously wouldn't have owned the machine since she was born so mid century would be about right.

I have found it to be a NSMCO Reversew R41?? So if we both arrived to the same conclusion, it must be right. :)

Thanks cooksnsews for the info! Thanks also clt3 for the link, that was the one that eventually led me to the information!

Funny how you can search against a brick wall for days and then 1 link and boom.....everything you were looking for just almost falls in your lap!

Cindy Peters was a great contact as well. I got her info somewhere else and had contacted her, but can't remember where from. It was weird to read the suggestion here at the same time remembering I had an email waiting from her already!

Oh...and she says she has my bobbins!!! Yippee!!!!!

It is funny to think about electricity, so common these days yet so limited not that long ago. My spouse grew up in a wood heated house, chopping and hauling wood and cooking bread in a wood stove (which sits on our porch now).

Maybe that shall my my next 'get it working again' project.

Thanks again everyone!!

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