TILT! Forum Overload! (taking a leave of absence)

ladyronnieFebruary 1, 2008

Hi everybody. Just to let you know I am planning to be off the forum(s) for a month or so. I am spending waaaaaaay too much time on the computer here lately, and I just need to go cold turkey! I get on my kids for spending too much time, and they are starting to compare my time to theirs, and they have a point! Not good! And I am NOT ditching this forum for that "other" one. I am posting this in both. I love you guys, and I WILL be back. Just have to go into rehab and get this addiciton under control!

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I WILL still be in the GW exchange, and AM still planning to go to Texarkana! Email me directly if you need to get in touch. Thanks!

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I totally understand, sometimes it seems like I spend most of the day in this room. It's good to step back sometimes, and especially if you have kids at home. We'll see you soon, thanks for letting us know you won't be on much for a while.

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Hello: My name is Slowmedown, and I am a 'puterholic. I'm in Dallas and just had to check in. Understand completely, LADY, and I'm trying to do the same - spend less time, but not having much success as y'all can see. Can't even miss a day when I'm away from home. **sigh**. We'll miss you - hurry back.

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as I said, totally understand and we'll miss you loads. See you when you came back! hope you have lots of projects to show and tell by then!

LOL Slow, I thought you were away! LOL

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Thanks, guys!
See, I'm breaking my own rule already.
Ok, Monday! Monday will be my last day for a while.
For sure!
I can DO this!!

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Don't do it, just limit your time to the dark hours. I try to be productive when it is light and play when it gets dark. Love it that the days are finally getting longer, I worked outside on some plant stands until 6pm today, what fun. I could have turned on the outside light, which I am known to do in the summer for early morning and late night.
Please don't go away....come see us at least once a week!

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I totally understand...........I keep saying I'm just going to lurk in the evening before I go to bed...so far, NOT happening..........I just am anxious to see others' projects, learn a trick or two, etc........but I linger way too much longer than I should! I could have the house cleaned some times instead of staying on the puter in the AM.................! Oh well, it's not drugs I'm addicted too, so that's a good thing!

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I'm with Gypsy, addiction is okay when it's too big to put in your mouth (like a computer). LOL

I love these forums and learn so much from everyone. I agree I feel too much time is spent on here but I check in daily and respond as much as I can. I can't hardly stand a day without all of you. I think it's like the ole days when you talked to your neighbors over the fence (and clothesline)- everyday.

Ronnie, certainly understandable but just 'reduce your intake' like Flag said. Your kids learn from books, you learn from your computer friends - would they buy that? (doubt it) You will be missed.

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Yeah, you get back in here when all are asleep - sneak in here and stay w/us. After all, you work hard - you deserve your pleasures.

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I understand lady,I think we're all guilty...that's why I'm only on one forum at this point.I mosaic more if I'd get off here ,but I might miss something LOL see you at Slow's

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I've limited myself to this one forum also. I check in so much quicker now that we have diminished in size!lol! I'm sure it will pick up, but usually check in a couple of times a day!I'm gonna post from Mexico when we go since there is computer access!!! We all post something, together!!!

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