great milli and other stuff score

klingerFebruary 6, 2008

Janie-Bo and I went on a drive today to Victoria to get some craigs list stuff. We caught a scenic ferry for part of the trip. We went to one gals house and got a large quantity of millifiore and frit. This lady didn't know what to do with it and sold it to us for $5.00. There was a lot of it, we split it in two and were so delighted, this stuff has beautiful colors and there's a lot of it. Then we went to a guys house and I got a Morton cutting system for $40.00 and a bunch of wonderful glass. Janie -bo got a bunch of great glass also. This guy used to own a stained glass shop and sold it to us for 60% off retail prices, so a pretty good score. He had a lot of antique glass. Here's a pic of some of the mili,


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wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! cool

great scores for both of you! congrats

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Oh, wow, that is so great!!!

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Don't you just love craig's list! What a great deal.

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OH man!! You had a great day didn't you?

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Wish I'd been with you guy's....we need a workshop in canada...?????maybe next year????

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I didn't take my camera!!! Dumb! I was saying on another thread how he had a Beautiful Peacock window with hand blown glass, and was a very interesting guy, also did those train sets, had a whole room filled with the train thing...and he owns a bulldog!!! (Love bullies)
Here's some stuff I got yesterday...HAPPY HAPPY!!!

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OMG.....and you two weren't having a cat fight over the haul? LOL......I can see us junking in Mexico.....I SAW it FIRST>...NO YOU DIDN'T ...YES I DID! THAT'S MINE...hiss hisss hiss............LOL........Gawd, I can't wait!

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We did score ... The MOTHERLOAD!!!!heh heh! We're gonna bring some to Mexico, in case we are all gonna do some mosaics, you know, find something to glue to!!!ha!

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No cat fights, we share nicely. After we picked up our first score I was driving to the next place and Jane who was supposed to be navigating kept pulling handfulls of stuff out of the big jar of frit and millifiore. I so badly wanted to check it all out too , but had to keep my eyes on the road cause we weren't sure exactly where we were going. Stjohn, I have to warn you, Jane and I know how to tag team, there is no way you'll get any of the good stuff. We have many treasure gettin moves, Jane is the queen, and I the grasshopper have learned from her.
More scores yesterday too. When I was at home working on my fireplace Janie shows up and she had a pasta machine in her hand. She knew I wanted one and found one for 10.00 and delivered it to my home,

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