Another Joann's RANT! And Another!

lazy_gardensNovember 18, 2012

ARRRGH! I needed some thread - just large spools of ordinary sewing thread to mend some jeans and make some cushions and stuff.

Well, they have silk thread, hand quilting thread, machine quilting thread, glittery thread, serger thread, ombre thread ... lots and lots of fancy and imported threads ... and teensy spools of the kind I was looking for.

Dang, what is an ordinary seamstress supposed to do?


Second rant:

The SO wants a big fleece throw for the bed - more of a fleece bedspread than a throw. So I checked out the fleece at Joann's.

1 - "kiddy prints"

2 - Gaudy solids and prints aimed at tweens

3 - Sports team and licensed characters

4 - Ugly fake furs worthy of a Vegas bordello's waiting room

Nothing an adult would care to have in their bedroom.

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I suspect a fleece blanket (from Target, BB&B, Wally World, etc.,) would be a better size and be cheaper than yards o' crap from Joann's. What's the maximum width on fleece fabric, 44 inches? not even wide enough for a full bed.

Get past the idea it's cheaper to make than buy. It isn't anymore.

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Fleece - 58-60 inches

I don't like the way the micro-fleece blankets feel. It creeps me out. And the color selections aren't as good.

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Just use the cones of serger thread. I've been sewing everything with it--clothes, bags, diapers, etc. and it has held up fine. To use in your machine, you can get a cone spool holder or just place in an old coffee cup behind your sewing machine.

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I found solid color fleece throws (milk chocolate and medium charcoal) at Costco, with a texture I can stand to touch.

Detroitgirl ... thanks for the tip. I'll try that, it I can't find thread today.

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Check quilt shops for thread, especially white, black, & neutral colors.

& our Hobby Lobby has a better fabric & craft (embroidery, etc) selection than JoAnns.

I wish you the best.

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