HOT Stock Tip!!

curbdiver1954February 10, 2008

If any of ya'll "play" the market, have I got a tip for you! Buy stock in Johnson & Johnson....they make Bandaids and I have gone thru enough of those today to make their stock rise like a meteor! LOL!! Finally got up the courage to start slicing a few pieces Haviland china for a shabby chic project....didn't know the wet saw blade was **that** dull so had teeny, tiny bits flying literally everywhere. Figured it was just the was real china is **supposed** to cut with a saw since I usually nip, so kept on going. By the time I came in for the evening I was sporting 12 bandaids on my fingers, hands and forearms....didn't bother with the little pinpricks on my face and neck. Thank GOD for safety glasses! I **did** find a couple of little pieces inside them, tho. Telling myself they fell out of my hair as I was removing the glasses....

Glad I got my feet wet (so to speak) cutting up "nice" china - most of them had a chip here or there, so the value wasn't very great except in my mind. Maybe this has gotten me over the "don't cut up that pretty stuff" least maybe I can cut it up AFTER checking it's value instead of just buying it with the best mosaic intentions and then chickening out! LOL!!


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Oh, you're too funny! Be careful, I wouldn't want you to lose an eye!!

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AND NO PICS??? FOR SHAME GIRLIE!!! I bought a face shield for just such is important!!!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Better get to Lowes and get a new blade for that saw, girlie. Sounds dangerous. And yeah, where are the pics?

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yeah uh... I'm with Slow and Calam, where's the pictures??? of the china of course, I don't need to see your boo boos.

sounds like a pretty hazardous day, good thing you wore your goggles

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