Those with Tropic Brown granite...

Battin4thMay 18, 2011

Are you happy with the look? Most of my house is done in beiges, browns and blacks. This granite seems to fits nice with the other colors in my house. I guess I'm just having the usual second thoughts on granite selection and am looking for some reassurance.


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We had this in our last kitchen. It was a late 90's built house with the typical builder grade "oak" cabinets. We didn't want to invest in a new kitchen (our first house), but we also couldn't bear the white tile counter tops.

So we replaced them with the Tropical Brown and liked it very much. Brought the kitchen to life, and the beige colors tied in very nicely with our oak cabinets, and tan/beige floor. Plus the generally dark color hides all sorts of little crumbs and things, so it generally looked clean all the time.

I would bring a cabinet face/door with you to the slap yard and a tile/floor sample as well if you have one and see how they all tie together. We didn't even do a backsplash in our old kitchen, just the standard 6" cap on the wall.

It was still a very nice upgrade to what was there to begin with.

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I have it and love it.

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We have Kahlua quartz on the main countertops. It's very similar to Tropic Brown. It does hide little crumbs and stuff, but that just means you have to be a little more diligent in wiping it clean.

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Thanks for the replies all. Thanks for the great pictures AngAx. Your kitchen looks great and is a similiar color scheme to my own. Dove white cabinets, wood floors, stainless and black chairs for the dining room. The pictures give me a good idea of what the rock will look like. The other sample I took home was impala black. Its really nice to look at but I'm not sure it gives me the warm, farmhouse-ish look I'm after. I think I've reached the point of paralysis by analysis with all the decisions that need to be made.

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I don't have Tropical Brown in my home, but from experience I can tell you that it's a timeless and classic choice that holds up very well. I've attached a link to something cool you a view for visualization.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tropical Brown Kitchen

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I also considered a black granite, but ultimately went with tropical brown because it just had a warmer look! Good luck with your decision-making, from what you describe I think it will turn out great!

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I have Tropical Brown as well....just had it installed last week. We are very happy with it. My sister has it as well -- she got hers put in a few years ago. I initially selected something lighter but the samples we received stained very easily so I decided to go with the tropical brown at the last minute and do not regret my choice.

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After 9 years, I still love my Tropic Brown granite. My kitchen used to be in the Gallery, but has long since "scrolled away", I guess. I chose this because it is really bullet-proof - no probems with any staining, etching etc. I still like how it looks with our lightly stained maple cabinets and creamy white tile backsplash with "dots" and a liner made from Tropic Brown granite tiles. The only down-side I've found is that my husband is unable to see anything on the granite, so never does any wiping up!

After it was installed, I was mildly upset that the seam seemed quite visible to me - don't even notice it now, and I'm sure no one else ever did!

Another reply mentioned Impala Black which we have in our master bath. I also love that granite, which I think feels "softer" than blacks that are more solid color, since it has some gray in it. Slabs of this varied quite a lot when I was looking in 2002.

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I am trying to choose between the Tropical brown and the New Venetian Gold. We have UbaTuba currently and its just way too dark. My back splash is tumbled stone with glass and slate tile cook top is black and my sink is black floor is slate tile and my cabinets are a light sage green. The Venetian Gold really brightens up the space but Im afraid it will blend in too much with the back splash. I like the richness of the Tropical brown but the pattern may look too much like quartz.

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