Breaking Plates

daisymeFebruary 2, 2008

I think we all would agree that breaking plates is great therapy. And I used to break plates for the fun of doing it and to have lots of supplies ready for projects. I'd put the pieces in ziplocks, and thought I could go through them then and be inspired. But, they kinda get lost there in their boxes and don't "talk" to me very well there. I find now I prefer my plates whole for inspiration and I only break them now for specific projects. Do others feel the same way? Anyone need 3 big boxes of broken plates? *grin*

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You can send them my way....I love broken plates. I had to finally start breaking mine as I was running out of room and they take up a lot less space broken..LOL
I keep some of my newer acquisitions whole for awhile, then drop one to start the process. LOL
Good luck..

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I do have one plastic bin that I've marked roof eves (for my birdhouses) where I'm clipping borders off of plates, but that has to satisfy me. You're not in N. Calif. are you?

The other thing I have trouble with is using the ends of things I've used once. I always buy the whole kit and kaboodle (5-6 plates) and once I've worked with them, I'm tired of them and don't get back to what once thrilled me about them. *sigh* Buried in plates........

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Find a substrate and get to gluing!

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Why don't you take pics, post, and see if anybody wants to trade you something for them or maybe buy them. Sometimes I think it does get overwhelming. I used to break all my stuff as soon as I got it because I felt like I could store and use it better. I'm using a lot of stuff for my big chimney tile so I feel better about hoarding all those plates and bowls. I think I'll have to do a wall next!

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I'm the same way- Buy several, use few, end up with pieces-parts.
Here's what I do as a beginner:

I went to the dollar store and bought some see-through storage containers...just little ones. I am lucky enough to have a shelving unit (but prior to that, I just used a small metal rack-thingy- served same purpose), and I stack them so I can see the contents.
There was a point after I finished my backsplash that I thought I'd never use ANY of these small leftovers again, and contemplated putting them on the trade board of my other favorite online stomping ground.
Then I started my birdbath, and found that at least ONE of my leftover stashes was perfect for the base.
So that got me rethinking the rest of them, and now I just leave them there until the day when one of them screams "Use ME!!!" and it finds its place on a new project.

Don't get me wrong, though. Under my counter, I have the same box as you do with the dishes that I HAVEN'T yet cut up. But there are a ton of things on the TBM list that will likely be perfect for them. Plus, every time I go in my bathroom, I still feel the need to SC the soffit, which is VERY large, and will use MANY of those dishes.

Maybe Winter of 08 will see that project come to fruition.
Don't lose hope; you didn't waste your $$ just had enough foresight to know they'd be perfect for one of your future projects!

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I am a plate/tile/whatever collector waiting to happen. I've done other crafts and had my supplies TAKE OVER. I have to be really careful I don't overstock on "stuff I could use later" without an exact plan. The only exception is stained glass. I WILL use that (heh heh heh as soon as I figure out how....). The rest I buy for on a project by project basis. PJ

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It's interesting that this old post has resurfaced. I'm still not breaking things in advance, as I find plates stack best whole and I still feel they are matched better to others as whole pieces. HOWEVER, with the price of gas, I'm not driving up to town as often to find new pieces, so I've gone through some of my old broken "store". And I found I truly enjoyed the things that were once set aside. I think I just needed time away from them to see them as new again.

Are others of you being more careful of your driving and shopping too? Heaven knows I had a wealth of supplies here already, and it's made me take a look at (and be more creative with) what I had on hand.

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Breaking plates. I have a problem with dishes in general. I buy them to break, decide they're to pretty, and end up with another set of dishes! The other problem I have is not being able to get enough flat pieces out of them! Everything that I see here is always so beautiful and perfect looking...I just figure out how you get it to all lay so flat and neat in your projects. What's the secret?

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CHICKEN. I strive to NOT have everything flat. I like the texture that the plates add to a mosaic project. I even use footers. On the $store plates I use a tile wet saw to cut them but on old plates I use the wheeled nipper. Mugs are another source of colors I don't find in plates here. I broke down yesterday and bought a carton of blue 4X4" tiles from Lowes cuz I'm out of blue plates and can't find any. I'm gonna have to break down and start special ordering 4X4" tiles from Lowes cuz colored plates are hard to find here.

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Thanks Slow. Most of the things I do, or have on my "to do" list, I want to lay flat. I have a large dresser top that I want to do...and it needs to be smooth and even. This was a curb side find that is working out great as extra storage space in the kitchen.

I've gotten the drawer replaced, and the door attached..although my grandson managed to break the glass in the frame so now I have to take it off and redo it..I've also collected a few bits and pieces, but am having a hard time finding everything the same thickness and flat. Now that my daughter and grandchildren are no longer living with us, I'm hoping to get this piece done before to much longer.

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Chickencollecter! I too have four "new" sets of plates cause I can't stand to break them once they're home. (grin)

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