The Big Spring Clean...

Calamity_JFebruary 8, 2008

Yup, went out to my shed and Lo and Behold...I can see all my stuff again!(DD just moved out again) There's boxes that I haven't really looked in since moving here 4yrs ago!!! Soooo...grabbed a box and hauled it inside to my already disasterous Art Room, that I'm supposed to be organizing!LOL! Just add more!!! LOL!!! I'm just gonna get sickeningly organized...hopefully.... plans of mice and women! I'm the kind of person who has every drawer in her house as a "Junk" drawer! Hopeless! So this seems like anal retentive stuff to be doing but I envy my DH who has everything in it's place and a place for everything! I was never raised with organization and so at 44yrs old I'm trying to teach this dog a new trick! LOL! Lets get something straight's only my craft supplies I doing!!!! LOL! Just in itself is a major undertaking!!!! DH hates it as the house is turned upside down for weeks and it really sends him off the deep end! That's why I start it when he is on his shift of work days, as he is too tired to complain when he gets home!!lol! I'm already finding treasure, like bevels I forgot I had and ball chain!!! Yippee! It'll be so nice to see everything and put it all orderly so I don't forget I have it!!! Thanks for letting me post about this cuz it keeps me accountable!lol!!! I can't just have good intentions, I got people who might call me on it!!!

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"Thanks for letting me post about this cuz it keeps me accountable!lol!!!"
Hope that works for ya! Every week for the past 6 weeks on my days off, I tell my Mom and my friends that I will be cleaning out the spare room! Is it done?? NOOOOOOO!
You literally can NOT walk in there without tripping over stuff! Good luck with your organization!!

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I have ben doing the same thing I can not keep it clean I have got it pretty org.I still have a lot in my stoage .I just could not get it all in there .I am glad I am not the only with this prob..

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Well, I've puttered all day and even tho it is organized, it still looks bad cuz of the Nurdler stuff, you know, the stuff that you should just close your eyes and throw in a garbage bag, instead of thinking...hmmm, I might use that some day!!! I'm hoping it's not too cold tomorrow as I wanna try and get out to the shed and do a bit more. It's been kinda fun to see all the crap I have and am realizing that I just gotta stop shopping for a while and start making more stuff!!!

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LOL oh man... you sound just like me, except I never seem to reach "organized" but I married a BO man too. born organized!

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Okay, that went really well, I've just cleaned up my Art Room and started 4 projects!!! I AM HOPELESS....

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It's in our genes, and my nurse DD is like your DH - not even a paperclip is out of place in her world. It's an obsession. When you gonna pack? I'm still sick in bed w/no clothes laundered/ironed to pack. Leaving next Sat for Dallas for the Sunday flight. Hope I can at least get strength to iron a couple shirts for travel to/from. Can wear wrinkles while there. I doubt I'll get my workshop organized b/f the worshop. I'll be embarrassed, but ....... Then there's the yard - oh, well - what y'all see is what I are.

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I'm leaving thursday and haven't packed, haven't tanned(lol), haven't shaved!(lol) I'm a mess!!!!

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Oh, Jane, I am the same way. Have been since I was a kid. I'd go in to clean my room and hours later I was engrossed in something I found that I'd completely forgotten about. I start with the best of intentions but I'm so easily sidetracked! It doesn't help matters at all that I'm a pack rat.

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Janey, I just love your all out honesty! I say any effort to clean or organize is better than no effort - doesn't matter if it ever gets there. : )) We have more important things to do - play glass!

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I've been real sidetracked with getting ready for Mexico, and haven't touched my projects or room at all for the last few days, did get my walk-in closet shovelled out tho! DH is happy 'bout that! I have so many "Stashes" around the house! sheesh! I'm excited tho cuz I am really into doing this inventory of substrates and get some massive amounts of mosaicing done! May not get to texas when the big Riana thing is happening but still have the goal of making a bunch of stuff to sell and get down there!!! So we may meet someday Andrea!!!

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just curious...
when all of you make projects, how many are to be sold or is it something that just calls out to you, to do something with it?
sometimes I think in terms of sales but if and when I ever finish anything, I want to keep it.
do we ALL have ADHD?
are we all cursed with OCD?
are most of us procrastinators?
and if so, how in the world is it that it's so easy to sit right here at the computer and have to eventually prop the eyelids open with toothpicks, but refuse to go to bed?
I'll bet dollars to donuts, that if I got paid for sitting here, to type as much as I do, I would be wanting to go take a nap a heck of a lot more often than I do...
whuzzup with that?

try as I might, organization eludes me!
I only think it, I don't DO it.......
you should see my desk top, right here....
mere inches for room to squeeze my hands in to type....
and the mouse is usually falling off the edge...
and the little cords, for the camera, the headphones, the black spaghetti......

gawd, it's useless .....
but I refuse to give up...I'm going to sit here, till it's ME who decides to leave...

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Gosh Janie,I did not know your were coming to Texas..Please Please come,I really want to spend some time with all I can!!!!

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