Help breaking up a very long wall

avesmorJuly 13, 2009

Hi! I'm new here but very happy to have found this site. I need to visually break up a long wall and I'm hoping you can help. We don't want to break the space up structurally, just visually.

I don't see an option to upload pics but some sample pics from the model home can be found here. The top-right picture is standing near the entrance to the kitchen looking in. The wall on the left with the windows is the wall in question. The bottom-left picture is a similar position but looking behind at the living room.

If it helps with scale, the floorplan can be seen here. It is mirrored from the pictures.

Starting at the archway entry into the kitchen, and ending at the door/cabinets, that wall is (guessing) 30 feet, longer than it looks in the pictures. It really bugs me! But I think that putting something in the space between the windows will impede the flow of traffic around the table (ours is also round and in a similar position).

Thank you so much!

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Having a large window there already breaks up the wall.

I had a long wall in my old living room with no window. What I did was start in the middle of the wall and put a large group of pictures. Then I was able to put a picture or two at the end of the wall by themselves. It balanced it out and I was able to put furniture anywhere along the wall.

That's a beautiful home!

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Welcome to the group avesmor!
I took a moment to change the front drawing and floor paln of your home straight. I know how important that can be when you are in the building process or even decorating. It really helps other "see" what you are talking about that sometimes photos alone can't tell. I would add a tall piece of furniture between the the two sets of windows. I don't think this would cause a problem with traffic and would be a visual break up without doing something structural.
Hope this helps.

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PS. I forgot to say how much I love the looks of your future home. It's beautiful inside and out. The layout is wonderful too!

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Beautiful home! How about a larger door to the deck, if possible? A six foot slider that looks like a french door would allow better access to the deck, especially when carrying food or beverages outside.

And if it were me, I think I'd extend that deck all across the back and put another double door/slider on the other side of the window. Not that you asked - just typing out loud. : )

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I think the table is way too small for that space. A round like that feels dwarfed. A substantial and long rectangular would fill the area, I think. You could then just decorate the wall between the windows without feeling the need for more furniture.

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Squirrel I'm pretty sure that's model homes pictures in the link. Not the OPs.

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Yes, thanks, GottaBe. She did say she was using a similar table, though. Something oblong or rectangular would fill the area out more, I think. Just a consideration. The floorplan isn't showing where the arch hits, and the picture is so distorted and doesn't show the second set of windows.

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Yeah, I never thought about the arch. If you look back and forth between the pictures and floorplan it doesn't make sense at all. Hopefully avesmor will come back and help us out there.
Oh and I assumed her table would have a leaf. My hubby tells me I assume too many things. And he's right. I do.

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ok, it looks like the arched wall extends out from the office wall.

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This looks to be what's set up in the ad:

A rectangular table is pretty redundant with the island, and the chairs seem to be a tight fit. So, an oblong/oval table that spans in front of the windows, which seems to fit nicely:

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Moving the table to the window would be less redundant with the island and very enjoyable. And allows for a hutch. The table they are showing still seems under-scale for the space. Here's showing a larger one, also.

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I think it looks like a place for a tall plant, looks like there would be plenty of light. I have a 'tall' plant in a bare corner. Didn't want a tree or palm. I used an outdoor obelisk and have a grapevine ivy (indoor plant) Very easy to care for. I use a large outdoor pot the obelisk would fit into and ut the plant in a plastic pot and hide the dirt with some moss

I tried to paste am image of one, you could probably find a nicer looking one at a garden store, you do need on with 'cross bracing for the vines to climb up.

At least this is an idea for some height, no building changes
Tried to put in a link or picture but couldn't

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if there is a 'corner' area to the left of the view in the pic (and left of the window) - how about a slender corner cab? might be a good place for a small tv if you like to watch the news / ? while eating/having coffee. a shelf for a plant and one for a few cookbooks?

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I am concerned about leaving enough clearance between the chairs and the window wall in a couple of the schemes above.
Have you considered building a banquette under the windows nearest to the kitchen? You could then fit a rectangular table in front of it, and have chairs only on the room side, to make most use of the space.
Here are two examples, in very different styles: (I didin't know how to make them any bigger...)

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Thank you for the replies! I had some unexpected travel for work and had to disappear for a bit, but I'm so glad to read all of your thoughts.

Yes, if you stand at the projecting wall from the pocket office, at the edge of the living room, you are under the arch. Likewise, if you stand with your back to the range hood, you have a straight shot to the fireplace through the arch.

Right now we're assuming that we will use our existing furniture (at least for a while, until we get a feel for what we want, and our 8 month old outgrows her high chair). We have a 4-seat circular table, no expansion. Actually in storage I also have a 6 seat rectangular table, solid slab style. We considered an expandable pub table with wings, especially since I'm 5'11 and hubby is 6'4 and we like the seat height, but -- in my mind, it's awkward with the tall island (pictures don't show it, but the island is about 6" taller than counters). Should the table sit lower than, or equal to the island? Or does that not really matter?

I wonder how different it will look once we hung window treatments - how much that might help break things up.

As for a banquette - we had not considered that. There is a recess on the opposite wall, designated as a place for a buffet in the model pics.

We have been looking at different house models and floorplans for a few years and this is by far our favorite, with the exception of the kitchen! My husband loves it, but to me it feels like I'm in a "rectangle" of kitchen, and it just feels off to me. Hard to describe. And unfortunately I have very limited pictures. The model pictured above sold, and the next one won't be finished with construction until September so I have no way of taking some better pictures. We aren't likely to begin building ours until spring, but I'm trying to figure out if this room/arrangement will bug me indefinitely, or if there's a way to "fix" it!

As for changes - yes, we are planning on a larger deck with a second level that will extend toward the other side of the house and provide cover for the walkout family room (in the bottom level which isn't shown on the floorplan). We are adding a floating garage, and that whole floor will provide the family room, my husband's home theater room, another bathroom, small storm room (we live in the midwest - tornado central) and a lot of space that is yet undefined. We will add a pass-thru between the garage and pantry. We will likely use the pocket office for something else (possibly our recycling station and vacuum/broom/mop/etc. depot) since we need a much larger office space - we've considered turning the formal dining into the office since we'd never use a formal dining, and it's separated from the kitchen. We're also going to add bull-nosed corners, and are up in the air about stain vs. painted trim. I like woodgrain and tend to think that painted trim is a fad, but then again - we have stained trim now and I hate it.

Whew! Sorry for the novel. :) Anything that I didn't answer?

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