Touch n Sew not catching thread!

ErinBethNovember 4, 2013

I have a gold Touch n Sew, model 603, that has been causing me a lot of headache! I'm fairly new to sewing so I am not doing very complicated things, usually just straight stitching on simple shapes and patterns. If I'm not using cotton, then it won't sew right! I use knits a lot and its a nightmare. It won't catch the bobbin thread all the time and it leaves irregular stitches or none at all. I've used the material for my projects on two other machines (70's singer and elna lotus) with no problem! I always thought I was bad at sewing, but now I'm starting to think there is something wrong with my T&S!

The bobbin area is pretty clean. I always use a scrap piece to try different settings and nothing really works. I've completely cleaned the machine per the manual as well as re-threading the bobbin millions of times. It's been completely serviced a few months ago and was told it works well. I don't want to just give this machine up since it was my grandmothers.

Any suggestions before I take it back to the repairman?

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Have you checked to see if you have the needle in the correct way??,and is it threaded correctly.I had the 640 many years ago and it looks a lot like yours.Check your feed dogs,they should be in the up position.If memory serves me correctly the feed dogs are lowered and raised by that handle on the bottom right.

Thread it up and let us see a picture of it threaded.Also check to see if the bobbin is in correctly.

I'll come back to this post later to see if you solved the problem.

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As well as making sure the needle is in correctly (it varies with the machine, so read the manual) ....

If you sew knits, get a selection of "ball point" needles. They work far better for knits than ordinary ones.

Toss the old needle and insert a new one. They can get so dull they don't work right.

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