Hey Madhabitz!!! Over here!!

tasymoFebruary 7, 2007

Hi Nancy-

To answer you question- yes, out Lab caters to both Professionals and the general public. The machine I print on is the one with Professional paper (copyright watermark on back, "E" surface). It handles medium format and 35mm film, mounted slides, CD's and is networked with our Digital room to print our Restoration jobs. I can print up to 12x18 sized prints on "real" photographic paper. Anything larger gets done on our big Epson printer, so it's actually Inkjet prints, but excellent quality. We have an FTP service so large digital file can be sent to us online. Most of our customers are local and many of them are professional Photographers. Our Quality is top-notch... I actually handle most of the quality control. Are you looking for a good Photo Lab? What kind of stuff do you do?


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I am always on the lookout for a good photo lab, but I confess I don't print all that much. I'd love to find out your pricing-- I've got a thing I will be doing in a couple of months that will need to be decent quality. If it's competitive with the place I've been using (it's not my money being spent), it would be neato to send my files to you, instead.

Maybe you could email me the name of the lab and the website address if you have one. Try using the madhabitz@gmail.com email address. Still not sure what happened with the other, but I did check to make sure the one attached to my profile was valid.

Thanks Kathy!


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Hey, Nancy- I emailed you a link to the Lab's website so you can check out the prices. Just give me a shout if you need any more info.


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Got it- thanks Kathy!!!

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