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bamasusannaFebruary 6, 2008

Did you know Riana is teaching a class at the hacienda Feb 8-13th? I thought they were closing that place.

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maybe the owners resolved their divorce battle?

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Sam, the owner of the hacienda has managed to find a place to still hold some classes. I noticed she only had a few lined up though. Before she had them back to back all spring. Her husband still has posession of the hacienda as far as I know. The place she's holding them looks to be an artist's place.

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I have her address, and hope we can call on her. All the money from her workshops go back into making them happen - no profit for herself. No way w/there be a reconciliation in that case. So sad - everything is gone from the Haciendo. She's engaged in a fight to recover, and I have no doubt she'll rise to greatness again. She has supporting friends and artists who w/continue to go and help.

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