What do you think of this fabric for drapes?

marti8aMarch 4, 2011

Remember my living room?

I wasn't going to do anything about drapes until our add-on was done, but I came across this fabric yesterday.

It is so hard to take a picture of a window with the sun shining in, so I closed the blinds and turned on the flash. It helped a bit, but the color is still washed out a bit.

This is the back, which isn't bad either

Now what do you think of it if I told you I got 16+ yards for $6. Not $6 per yard, $6 for all!

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Love the fabric... go for it!!!!!

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I think it is gorgeous and will be wonderful in your living room. Such a deal!!!! LOL I think I like the back side.Looks shiny.

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6 dollars!? DO IT!

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Go for it! And what a deal! For 6 dollars, without a doubt, I'd use it. From what I can see, I like the back side too!

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i have to be odd ball out ... I don't like it - i never like things with little 'spots' on it, be it curtains, flooring, counter top etc. bothers my eyes.

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Looks like it will really fit nicely in your room. Save the scraps for a couple of throw pillows, maybe with a different fabric on the backs. Solid colored and textured. Then find a striped fabric with those colors and make a couple more throw pillows out of that. Maybe a yard of fabric. What a bargain you found.

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