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jagmuseMay 8, 2008

Hi - new to the forum, astounded by the wealth of info out there! We are in the very very early stages of planning a kitchen remodel, and I'm researching cabinets, and have seen a number of good comments about Cabico, and like the look of their line, but I'm still trying to get a sense of where they fall in the pricing range compared to other brands, so I would love to hear what you paid for Cabico cabs, and what you think of them! I don't want to fall in love with them and then find out they are way out of the stratosphere budget-wise! I've seen comments that they're reasonable, but what does that mean for semi-custom cabs?? Thanks!

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You might want to do a search (at the bottom of the page, Not the top) for Cabico and read the other threads. I hate to see a new poster not getting any attention. Good Luck!

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I just had Cabicos installed in a new laundry room. Can't yet comment on durability, but they look great and frankly I didn't expect the "slow close" drawer mechanism in cabinetry at this price range. Cabico is indeed reasonably priced. Perhaps some one else can attest to their
quality over the long haul, especially if you're buying kitchen cabinets.


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I did a search first, and got a few good comments, but nothing specific on pricing.

Maisondiva - what was the price range for your laundry room, and how many cabs did you put in?


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Love my cabicos. I've posted about them before. I had them in my last house (installed 2004, still going strong according to the current owners) and will be having my new cabicos installed NEXT WEEK (hopefully). I will say that my friend/neighbor also had cabicos installed in 2004, but she got beaded inset, and they have not held up as well as my frameless/full overlays. (We both have young kids and I would venture to say her kids are probably gentler on her kitchen than mine are, so I think it's an issue with the beaded inset). Since they are custom, the price really depends on what you select.

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i ordered cabico frameless shaker #8050-K, white lacquer on MDF. 2 upper cabinets, a tall (floor to ceiling type) cabinet, double over-the-fridge, double base cabinet, double base sink and a wide base cabinet which has narrow drawers for storing things like tablecloths, platters, etc. Cost was $5150 without tax. i purchased from a small kitchen design store in connecticut. 5 weeks delivery time. i actually have another upper on order.
hope this helps....

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Thanks - that's helpful. I realize that custom is going to vary from person to person, but hearing what a kitchen could cost (or a set of cabs in this case) gives me an idea of where the range hits. We're probably going to do something fairly simple - Shaker, frameless, white is what I'm leaning toward, so that is very helpful to get a sense of it. Thanks!

Also good to know about the beaded inset - what specifically isn't holding up so well, do you know?

Thanks everyone!

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We installed natural cherry Cabico cabinets in our kitchen 1 yr ago. Shaker style, frameless. We're very happy!

We compared to a couple of other semi-custom lines and the Cabicos were close to 25% less, and provided a lot more flexibility (partly because they make framed cabinets too. So we mixed and matched at no additional cost, to have two framed "bookcase" open cabinets. In a frameless-only line, we would have paid extra for a frame to get a finished look).

We paid $12K for a small-to-medium kitchen (21 cabinets, small crown molding). With plywood box upgrade.

My sister also has Cabico (white shaker-style cabinets), for ~3 yrs. The cabinets still look great.

One issue that is worth mentioning that has come up here a few times is that the painted finish might tend to form the hairline cracks at seams more with the Cabico finish than with some other brands, although it is a common "feature" of all painted finishes on solid wood cabinets. In my sister's case, they were warned about it and chose the door style that has a groove at the seams, because it hides those hairline cracks well.

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Our Cabico cabinets were about $19k. As a comparison - we had got a quote from Crown Point that was a loyout with 1/4 less cabinets and it was $30k.

So far we have been very happy with the Cabinets.

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We had Cabico Cabs installed in Sept 06. I found they are very well priced and you can modify so much that although they are semi custom they almost become custom because you can really get what you want. We didn't really have any problems. I would just add be very very specific about what you want. We have a pretty big kitchen and paid about $17K for the cabs. I think they did have a price increase since then though. There are more cabs that aren't visible in these pics too. Here are some pics:

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Wow Mom6, love your kitchen!! Thanks, that is hugely helpful. Those are great tiles in your backsplash too! Very nice indeed.

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Hi everybody,

I have been away from the forum for a while, tied up on other things.
I need to order some upper cabinets where I can have them made prepped for glass without paying many dollars extra per door. Cabico looks like it would be great but I don't see anyway to order directly & I don't see a link to where the products are sold. The few links I found on a search brought me to sites which Google directed me but the kitchen cabinet stores did not list Cabico.
Does anyone who has used Cabico tell me how to find out where/how I can order the cabinets? I am stumped.

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sahsah: Probably the easiest way would be to use their "contact us" page to ask who their dealers are in your area.

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Anyone know where I can obtain a spec book on Cabico cabinets? There are no local dealers but I've found some dealers outside of my area who will place the order if I provide them the exact skus for the cabinets, etc.

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I did a kitchen remodel for a client in 2005,natural cherry shaker style and just recently got a call saying almost all the lowers and about half the uppers, that the lacquer finish is peeling at all the joints and on most of the panels. Upon inspection these cabinet faces look horrible. For the past two weeks been calling and emailing the company, I get no response via email and all I get via the phone is an answering machine and no returned calls. Being it is only a few days before Xmas I would expect that if the shop is closed down for the holidays the message would reflect this. Also the dealer we bought the cabinets from has not been able to get in touch with the rep. in this area again no returned calls and email's. I'm not happy and neither is my client.

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i priced out cabinets from brookhaven ...and am now looking to match the style and finish with cabico. i'm looking for more review/comparisons. It's nice to save money but i do not want to compromise quality. any insights?

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Could anyone please comment on the quality of Cabico vs Schrock or Shiloh? And how do they compare in price? Higher? lower? I have a 13 foot island, 12 foot wall of cabinets and almost a 5 foot built in pantry I'm trying to price. Thank you so much. PS -- I live in the MA (I know that affects pricing sometimes too!)

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I have been considering Cabico cherry cabinets and had the opportunity to view two recently (2013) done kitchens, one in dark cherry and the other in a light natural shade. In both kitchens the grain in the wood was not nice. Very straight, none of the movement in the grain that makes cherry beautiful. They might as well have been made of pine because standing in those two kitchens looking at the cabs, couldn't tell that they were cherry. I know two families that used cabico painted cabs recently and they are very nice but I'm concerned about the cracks that form at the mitered corners on painted wood cabs when the wood expands and contracts with changes in humidity.
Very disappointing but must now look elsewhere for cherry cabs.

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