Which sewing machine?

naturepersonNovember 28, 2008

I'm getting a sewing machine for Christmas and have to decide which one I want.

I used to sew a million years ago, and I want to take it up again. I was never an expert, but I could make simple things. Before I plunk a lot of money down for a very good machine, I just want to get one that will get me by for a few years at least. Then if I decide I want something better, I'll consider it at that time.

Can you tell me which machine you would get of these two, price not being an issue? It's basically for sewing, but I would like to be able to embroidery also from time to time possibly. I'm leaning towards the Brother se350, but what do you think? The cs6000i looks decent too.


Here is a link that might be useful: brother se350

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Here's the other machine. I didn't know how to post them both in one post.

Here is a link that might be useful: brother cs6000i

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Please visit your local sewing machine dealer and look at machines there. They are going to give you a few lessons on your machine and they are going to stand behind it.
There isn't anyone at WM that will show you how to use the stiches and heaven knows they aren't going to repair it for you. Just my opinion.

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I totally agree with msmarion! Find a sewing machine dealer near you and let them show you what they have - including used machines that they have refurbished. Also look on Craig's list for an older Singer machine that you can get tuned up. If you only want to do a little embroidery from time to time, it will not be worth the extra $$$$ you will have to spend on a decent embroidery machine. Just my opinion.

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