Calamity and Klinger off to mexico today....

Calamity_JFebruary 14, 2008

YUP!!! We're leaving today, going over the Vancouver to stay the night, those darn early flights!, will be in Mexico friday afternoon...YIPPPEEEE!!!! The hotel has a computer to access so we'll be "reporting" in!!!lol! Of course my dog KNOWS something is up, and kept me up every two hrs last night!!! How can 6lbs run your life??grrr...

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Tienen un viaje seguro!!

Keep in touch...PICTURES!!!

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See you all in a couple of weeks, Janie Bo should be here to pick me up shortly,

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gather that sea glass off of the coast beach....yee haw!
I'm very envious and also very happy you get this chance..
I'll be busy here at home for the next two weeks, then.........time to get mired in projects..
might even ask for someone to gather me up at the dock, for an off-season visit to y'all's part of the world!

Kathine is with me for the next two nights, if things go well and she doesn't get homesick or anything...
the house will stay at a standstill, cuz she and I are going to
it's the second to last overnighter I'll get a chance for, just before they board the plane in 15 days.

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Go eat a taco for me.

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Have a great time! trade hugs for all of us

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Have a wonderful time !!!I'll be thinking of all of you wishing I was year God willing I will be!!!

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Can you get that transporter fixed and beam us down??...
in the meantime,, have a great time and don't drink the agua.

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Have a wonderful time!! We'll be thinking of you!

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