PSAT scores? or is it another lie?

imamommyJanuary 13, 2011

BM: So DD got her PSAT scores back. !st time taking, got and 1800 out of 2400. pretty good! I am so proud of her! :)

DD: Lol we don't know that.. It's just an estimation we came up with... and its probably more like 1700 :P

BM's Friend: Either way that's awesome!!! Way to go DD!

DD: Gracias(:


BM posted that on FB about her older DD. I'm just curious if that is even possible? Anyone know about PSAT scores?

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Huh? PSAT scores are between 20 and 80; even if she got perfect scores the max is 240! Maybe BM is thinking of SAT's? (And making up a number?)

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That's what I thought. Well, by her DD's response, BM was guessing high anyway. I think her DD is smart & may do well.. her father is a biomedical engineer so maybe if genetics count, she's at an advantage there. Maybe she means 180 out of 240?

As for BM, lol, a couple of weeks ago, she announced her 'engagement' to BF. lmao, she's still married. She talks about how proud she is of her 6 kids... only 2 live with her & 3 aren't hers. (and her mom raised her other DD up until last year... I think she still spends more time with Gma than BM) but she tells people to go look at her pics to see how happy their family is. Many of the pics she has of SD are ones I took on our trips or in my house. She's taken to lying so publicly.. I'm surprised nobody calls her on it. When she announced her engagement, one friend commented "ah, he's gonna make an honest woman of ya!" lol... too funny.

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Poor DD, what a crappy spot for her to be in - she's either got to accept congratulations for a made-up score or publicly call her mother a liar.

Getting "engaged" when you're already married is just so classy, LOL! And you must have a secret urge to post a comment under one of the pictures - "Oh, I remember that trip! We all had such a good time - I have more pictures from it if you'd like some!"

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LOL... I am a dumb BM.. i have no idea what the scores mean. I can't remember, been too long.. But BM for posting in public, what an idiot!

I just said this today about someone else.. but i was completely joking to their face.. When someone is trying to convince me of how happy they are, I usually see them as lying...

So in your BMs case, she is trying to Prove and convince their happiness.. because deep down she is probably miserable...

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I TOTALLY agree with Myfam!

SD's BM is that way. She tries so hard to portray a happy "together" family, but in reality, it doesn't exist.

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Yes it is very possible. You take 3 tests: reading, writing, math. each maximum 800 points. If she got 1800 total, it means about 600 for each.

DD had 2200 out of 2400 on SAT, it is an excellent score. I don't remember exact PSAT score (I have it somewhere) but DD was National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist based on that score, so it had to be around 2200 as well.

1800/1700 is entirely possible, it is not the most spectacular score but it is more than doable. It is not national Merit level, but good enough for decent college. It is very possible she got that score.

It is possible BM is lying just because she lies but there is nothing that unusual about 1700/1800. and I think it is OK for her to post about it. I brag about DD's achievements. And even though BM is crazy it is normal she is happy for her DD.

I know SD struggles in school but maybe her pother DD does not.

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I have to correct myself, my bad. Scores that i mention are for SAT, but PSAT are scored differently, like 20-80.

Could it be DD took actual SAT? Because if she is talking about PSAT then you are right, it is not how it is scored.

I think maybe they are estimating what is her projected SAT score could be based on PSAT?

When DD got PSAT back it had her projected SAT score on a side.

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OMG! Did parent of one just say "my bad"... lol That's so cool!

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I'd think that this BM either did not expand upon her thoughts or did not completely understand what her DD said to her. Yes, FDs', what DD did is estimate a comparable SAT score to her PSAT. Say daughter got a 42 in the critical reading section, add the zero to estimate (420)ect and tally up. The DD tried in her response to the BM to clarify. The 'we' in her message is likely what her class were told to 'estimate' this first initial test.

I hope the girl did do well. Maybe she will take her education and ability seriously and go on to live a better life than her BM with the cheap make-up/clothing/dumping of children which seems to be the role model her BM has to offer.

--"Oh, I remember that trip! We all had such a good time - I have more pictures from it if you'd like some!"--... too funny, LOL.

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"I hope the girl did do well. Maybe she will take her education and ability seriously and go on to live a better life than her BM with the cheap make-up/clothing/dumping of children which seems to be the role model her BM has to offer."

I hope she does. I certainly think she's smart enough to do well in life. She has an older half sister from her father, that is attending a University & I think she will attend a college. She does take everything more seriously than SD... she used to cancel weekends with BM to study or get school work done at Grandma's.

Since BM's mother (along with this DD) moved to where BM lives, her DD started to occasionally say derogatory things about me & DH. But, BM & Grandma have always had her handle the stuff they don't want to deal with regarding SD & DH. DH has gotten calls from her to arrange exchange time, when they arrive for the exchange~she is the one that gets sent to knock on our door or walk SD out from BM's house to our car. So, I'm not surprised she'd say nasty stuff. That has forever bothered me but not something worth going to court. DH has told BM that it's not right & BM has told him to mind his own F-ing business, that's HER daughter. But, I've noticed in the last year that she has called out BM on a couple of lies... but she has also gone along with some of them, like the engagement & she even left a comment under one of "BM's" pictures "ah, good memories!". It was a picture of SD putting ornaments on the Christmas tree in OUR house. So, I wonder if she'll make it on to a better life or if she is following BM's lying path. (or she might have been saying it sarcastically!)

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The stealing of pics online makes me laugh! My friends neighbor did the same thing. My friend's son became best buds with this neighbor boy whose mom was never home. She was out partying all the time from the time he was about 8 and his brother was 12 and put in charge of him all the time. My friend took pity on this boy and had him over for dinners, holidays, took him on family vacations, etc.

Anyways my friend posts tons of pics on facebook and this kids mom saves some of them to her page in a way that you can't tell they are not her original pics. Those are the only pics she has of her son on there. My friend and I think it is really sad and pathetic that the kids mom has no memories of her own to put up on there and has to take hers.

I am wondering if your sd's older sis wasn't being sarcastic on there with her comment since she knows this was not their tree.

And how the heck can bm be engaged again when she is still married? How does she find these suckers?

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"And how the heck can bm be engaged again when she is still married? How does she find these suckers?"

This is the same "sucker" she's had for 3 years. After the first year, he was telling his ex wife he thinks he made a mistake getting together with BM. He was losing everything... stuff being repossessed, having yard sales to pay bills & he was looking for a 2nd job because BM wouldn't get a job to help out. I think he finally laid down the law & told her she has to get a job or else, so she did. But, promptly got pregnant & only worked there until she was about to have the baby. While she was on maternity leave, her employer caught on that she had been embezzling from him & she as arrested. That was six months ago & she just failed to show for her child support hearing on SD in December so they have a warrant out for her arrest right now. When she created a FB account for her BF (she told someone that she couldn't get him to make his own account so she made one for him), she updated her relationship status to "engaged" which popped up on her wall & so all her friends were congratulating her like he just proposed. I have no idea if they are still "planning" a wedding but she has bought two wedding dresses (she showed all the kids the wedding dresses) & other decorations & announced the wedding publicly three years ago on myspace. I'm pretty sure her BF knows she's still legally married & my guess is that he's breathing a sigh of relief because he does not seem too thrilled with having another child (he told his exW that he was struggling to support the ones he has, plus BM & her kids when they are there) This summer, BM sold the ATV she bought SD that first Christmas that they went out & bought new ATV's for all the kids. Now that she has a baby, she doesn't think she should have to work... yet she threw a huge Halloween party & a big New Years party. What's kinda sad is that SD was there for Christmas & said she got a video game for her DS & a couple of small things. BM posted about 40 pics of the baby & all the toys he got. There were no pics of SD at all. BM's mother was in one and SD's sister was in a few, but it was like SD wasn't even there. I just don't get the woman.

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I thought she already planned wedding with this guy in the past (asked you to bake a cake?) so i assume she was already engaged? So she was not?

Maybe she finally divorced her first DH?

I don't think she lied about PSAT, she just does not understand what those scores mean, 1700/1800 is her DD's projected/estimated score, something she might get on SAT based on PSAT score. So she is congratulating her DD on her estimated scores that are not even real? LOL Who does that? And scores aren't even that high. Dumb...

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