If you had to get rid of a sofa or a loveseat, which one?

marti8aMarch 26, 2014

We have a large family room here since we enclosed a two car garage. When and if we move, I'm sure it will be a smaller house and I may have to get rid of either the sofa or loveseat.

The pros for keeping the loveseat are that it takes up less room and 3 people never sit on a sofa anyway.

The pros for keeping the sofa is that either of us can sleep on it. We have recliners but I can't nap in a recliner.

As far as room arranging, is either any easier? Currently I have a dresser behind the sofa (like a sofa table) and it wouldn't work behind the loveseat.

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Get rid of the loveseat.

I have a matching sofa and loveseat which "fits" my room well, but I wish that I had purchased two smaller occasional chairs instead. When space is a problem, chairs are more flexible, i.e. can be catty-cornered, placed at angles, placed in front of bookcases, etc.

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Wait to see what the space is that you are planning to buy. In some rooms, a Loveseat will work better than a sofa.

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I have a love seat and realized too late the arms are big and fat and I am not a fan of this. I think it takes almost as much space as my small couch. I can sleep on it because of those fat arms it is a good way to get my legs elevated to relieve swelling. so for now it stays.

I can understand wanting to shed furniture now because it is one less thing to deal with. And it can make your room look so much larger to potential buyer. BUT you might be kicking yourself later if it your couch will not fit your new space.

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I'd wait until you move. The size and shape of the room you will be putting the furniture into will make a huge difference--you might be surprised and both pieces might fit into your new living space. And there's no way to tell, without having a specific room in mind, which one will be easier to decorate with.

On the other hand, if you have to for some reason get rid of one of them right now, I'd keep the sofa. You get more use out of it--both you and DH nap on it. And even though usually only 2 people will sit on a sofa, if you have a crowd over, there is the option for three people to sit down.

Shades of Idaho also brings up another good point. It isn't just the number of people a piece of furniture can seat, it's the overall size of the piece that you need to look at. Really wide arms are in style right now. Those arms take up valuable floor space in a small house/apartment. It is possible that the overall size of your sofa and loveseat might be too big for your new space.

So I'd keep the option of buying new furniture that is better suited to the new space in the back of my mind. Speaking from experience, it can be difficult to stuff large, bulky furniture into a small space--it limits what you can do to make a room welcoming and attractive.

Many furniture retailers have an "apartment-sized" collection of furniture these days. Slightly smaller and more streamlined than some of the large, bulky pieces that are needed to fill up the huge great rooms that some houses have today. It might be worth looking at them when you decide to move.

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Definitely wait...in my opinion, a sofa works better in the living room and balances two chairs across from it, or the TV/entertainment area.

That being said, a loveseat can fit into a smaller space and could be used in a larger kitchen area or den. Be flexible and I'm sure you'll find a way to use your favorite pieces...or have an excuse to look for something new :)

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A couple can sit in either a loveseat or sofa. Two men will sit on a sofa. Two men usually will not sit on a loveseat. Keep the sofa if you can only have one.

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You ask a timely question.
I have the issue facing me. A loveseat and a sofa both of which are really like daybed style, since I don't like big arms and such on my furniture. They both have loose pillows, and a single bottom cushion/mattress.

Here is the picture of the loveseat, now on my sunporch.
From the back:

From the front:

The sofa is just about one person wider. Both can be free-standing, since the backs are ornamental.

But I want to turn one of them with the back to the new entry, and the sofa might stick out so folks have to go around it. I have two new chairs (dining chairs) to use in the living room which would pair nicely opposite the love seat, or pushed together to make a longer armless white leather and stainless steel "bench." (Think Barcelona chair.)

But, I'm also wondering if I can use the SOFA in the front bedroom which will become our study and library. I first though to have back to back (opposite walls) desks for our computers, but now I'm thinking to give MOST of the room to my DH, who is pouting because the Teahouse is ALL MINE. He is of an age now when he likes to take an afternoon nap, and I don't like the living room looking like a flop house when he comes in with his gardening clothes. I am also removing the TV from over the mantle, removing it from the living room. It will be a place to make conversation. Listen to music, which might be coming from the dining room. Yes, the large TV will be hung on the wall above a small buffet and this will be OPPOSITE the window seat. I will also be able to watch/listen from the kitchen.

If space is a problem and you mean really GET RID of the sofa or loveseat, I'd keep the LOVESEAT, and get/build an ottoman to use as a coffee table, making that ottoman the same height and width of the loveseat, so it could be used like a sleeping chaise when pushed together, or as a separate seat when another person wishes to sit.

We all have our different comfort zones, of how much personal space we need. And adjust for hearing ability or lack thereof. Like my DH is almost deaf at times, and a chair which can be drawn up close or at 90 degrees where he can lip read, that would be good.

Also, furniture pushed against the wall with no "breathing" room adds an institutional feel to a home environment. Pull it out from the wall, and you make it more personal and cozier. If your wall areas feel empty, get some potted plants really big ones, or some tall lamps and wall pieces but be sure to leave breathing room so your furnishings will all be special.

Oh yeah. Here I found a picture of the sofa while it was on the sunporch. I used that strip of African printed fabric to keep it looking fresh after we sat on it.

For neatness, I'd go with the loveseat. And more flexible in arrangement options too.

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I love those first two pictures! The loveseat and plants look so inviiting :)

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I love your sofa and loveseat ML. I like the loveseat in your sunroom.

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