soapstone w/marble inset

EATREALFOODMarch 3, 2012


I always knew I wanted soapstone and I just went through the motions looking at the granite I could afford and quartz which is not inexpensive(surprise to me). I needed GW's referrals(Marthavilla and ebean) to steer me to a fabricator. soooo helpful. :)

There will be 2 runs of counter top on opposite walls-- 7" and 7.5" long.

I would like to put a 24" inset of marble in the soapstone on one side. Do you find that the flour gets stuck in between the marble and soapstone ? Do you pull the marble out occasionally to clean around edges ?

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What will your marble inset be used for? We have a marble inset my husband will use for baking, so that part of the counter top is lower that the counter tops on the side. So, there is no place for flour to get stuck. And, if the marble and soapstone were right next to each other, there should be some caulking between the two. It would be treated as a seam between two pieces of stone.

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Hey thanks. How obtuse of me, the marble IS usually lower than the surrounding counter. Unfortunately I cannot lower it. I just got this brainstorm while at the stone yard today looking at soapstone and walking by the marble....well you know what happens :) Love marble too.
I'm going to put the marble alongside w/ caulking.

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Ahhh, glad someone with experience responded.
You can always put yourself a low step by the marble, to put in place when you need the surface lower for kneading dough.
I'm going to let my mixer do the kneading...when I get around to learning to bake bread.'s been on my new year resolutions for the last 20 years AT LEAST. I sometimes fantasize about the smell of homemade bread baking. Nothing says HOME any better, except apple pie.

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What if the marble is slightly higher? That's what I plan to do, when I put marble on our wood island (in the farmhouse remodel). There will still be a small gap, but it will be easier to clean, if the marble is 1/8" higher (or so) than the rest of the surface.

I think the same height would just sweep things into the crack and if you can't go might be an idea :)

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