please help price these machines!

momto4boysNovember 4, 2009

I posted about a year ago that I had a bunch of industrial machines to get rid of. They were my in-laws. They had a sewing business for years. When they decided to retire, they unloaded them on us for some reason. I'm CLUELESS to what we have here.

I can't even thread a needle, so I have no use for any of these.

I've listed them on Craigslist. I don't want to give them away, but I really just want them GONE. Out of our storage unit. Not to mention, I was kind of hoping for a little extra Christmas money.

I know it may be hard to really say what they're worth. Without looking at them in person, and knowing condition (they've been in storage for over 4 yrs. I know there's probably issues with oil, or whatever they have/had in them)

But, would $200 or so a piece be too much?

The books I have in front of me say this is what they are


High speed over lock sewing machine


High speed safety stitch sewing machine


Thread, chain stitch button attaching machine


High speed lock stitch machine


High speed straight button holing machine

and some pics from when they were up and being used.

Thanks so much!!!!!

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Wow they maybe older machines but bet a few places sewers with small business probably could use them..
The price is more than fair.
What State do you live in? Or Big city are you near?
I have friends in different States that have some small businesses maybe I could refer them to this site.
When my grandparents retired we donated some of the equipment to a local vocational school, you can write off the donation on your taxes..

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We're in NW Arkansas. Closet big city..probably Tulsa, OK.
I actually had over 20 replies from craigslist. Hopefully, I can figure out a good price.

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Will check with someone, was hoping you may be closer to St Paul Mn area..

Good Luck, Do not take price lower think the tables are worth a little more. .

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I'll ask my son when he gets off work the name of the place he rented one for me to do some work for his shop.Then maybe you could email them the pictures and see what they have to say.I think 200.00 is a good buy,yet you may be able to get more for some of them.Also check with dry cleaners,and the yellow pages for industrial sewing machines.

I'm in Calif so it will be awhile b4 i talk to ds.

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you have a gold mine there---ask $600.00--let them talk you down to $450.00 anybody that knows there machines
will know that is a good buy.industral machines used
sells for $600.00-- I live in SC I have 5 machines in my shop. one I have been sewing on 30 years. remember they
don't eat or drink.

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Could you change your profile so that you could receive email. I know someone that may be interested.

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Thank you all for your replies!

We've talked with a few who want one, or possibly two. But, are trying to entertain those that may want them all.
We tried looking on line at other resources, and added up the possible worth to maybe around 3k?
Figured we'd take half of that..just to get them sold. Perhaps we should hold out for more?
I don't know. I have a short attention span, lol. And afraid if I don't do this now, it'll be another 4 yrs before I attempt to get them out of here.

thanks again!!

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