Kitchen granite selection question

fayewolfMay 17, 2013

I went to the granite yard and found this gorgeous slab. Its called harmony beige but I have a hard time looking for info on the web.

As you can see, my kitchen is tiny, and i really wanted to have a very light look to make it more open and spacious. Do you think this color of slab would work? Would it be too busy?

I'm trying to avoid redoing my floor, but if I can find the exact color of porcelain tile that looks like wood to match the family room hardwood, i would do it. My family room opens to the kitchen and if the wood color is not the same, I'm worried it would be weird (a bit weird as of now)

The look that I'm after is the picture below, do you think the slab i selected will work? Thank you!!

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I think it will be fine. Are you thinking of doing the 4 inch backsplash as well ?
I don't think two different floors would look weird. Yes it would be better if you could have the same floor, but a different one can look good and it can define the area.
Just a side note:the 4 inch splash is currently out of favor . A neutral cream or light tone tile to match your granite would let the granite be the star.

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What do you mean by 4 inch splash out of favor? You mean instead of using the granite as a blacksplash, to use light tone tile? any examples? Thanks!

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Yes, the short backsplash is dated and not popular right now. I can give you some "think ahead" advise. Many of us here chose the granite, had it installed only to be stumped by what tile backsplash. The backsplash is often the hardest choice to make.
Colors can come up different on everyone's computer , but for the most part we can weigh in and lead you in the right direction. I have found that if you get a majority, it pays to listen. Again, many of us have had to change out our first backsplash choice because after installation it was clearly a mistake.
So, try to create a vision of tile and granite.
Some granites are beautiful but are off in color and nothing seems to match them. A GW member replaced a beautiful granite that just couldn't be matched up.
Just things to think about:)

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Regarding the 4" backsplash, it is considered dated, and adds to the cost of your granite and installation. Better to have your backsplash tile meet the counter. I thought I saw a thread with photos on this topic recently, so perhaps do a search.

I think the granite will go beautifully in your kitchen. I think Ellendi's post is more scary than it ought to be. I don't agree that "many of us have had to change out our first backsplash choice" (I'd like to see who are the "many" who have done this). I am on my 3rd kitchen reno, and in my previous 2, I agree that the backsplash choice was the hardest, but in the end, you find something that works. It pays to consider carefully, and bring samples into your kitchen, rather than get something that looks cool in the store. You will find something you like that goes with your granite.

Your granite and kitchen are neutral enough that you will be able to find a backsplash that works. It does help to live with a kitchen for a while before installing a backsplash cause it gives you time to think about what you would like as a backsplash, now that you've seen the kitchen at different times of the day. If you really truly cannot find a backsplash you like (and there are so many lovely ones, that again, I find Ellendi's example an extremely unusual one), you can always choose creamy subway tile. It's a classic for a reason - it goes with everything, and has been in style for a hundred years, so it's not a trend that is going anywhere.

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If possible, remove a cabinet door and if you have leftover tile from the floor take that as well to the granite yard and prop them against your granite to see how you like them together. Unless you can extend the exact same floor from the FR into the kitchen, I would not try to do a will see a difference in material and that will stand out more than a complimentary color. Since your kitchen is small, why not extend the granite up the wall and make it your backsplash....that's what've did and I love it...makes my small kitchen look more cohesive.

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I have a similar granite, just installed yesterday, and I love it. Our kitchen faces north and is on the interior of the house so the only windows are across the room. I don't think the granite is too dark for the room but we did choose off-white cabinets to lighten up the look. I think you'll be fine with your choice.

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I just wanted to chime in, imho, don't try to match the porcelain to the existing wood. It will stick out even more if you are just slightly off than if they are sufficiently different shades and/or sizes.

Did you not want wood? If it is a refinishable wood, it may be very possible to match it all and complete a very seamless look. Our GC's wood guy managed to match 80 year old wood and it is truly undetectable where new and old begin.

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